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If you haven’t heard of bhave hair care then you are in for a treat!
bhave is a relatively new Australian owned and operated hair care system which claims to contain only the best and most effective ingredients.
The range is free from all of those nasties that I try so hard to stay away from including sulphates, parabens and colour stripping sodium chloride as well as not being tested on animals.
All this is well and good but means nothing if the products aren’t up to scratch.
Fortunately this isn’t the case! Since receiving these products I have been using the shampoo and conditioner exclusively and am loving the effect it has had on my tresses.

The range is made up of a number shampoos, conditioners and treatments formulated for different hair needs, I have been trialling the RESCUE Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner ($43.95) which is specially formulated for damaged and traumatised hair There are also other formulas such as HYDRATOR and VOLUMISING ranges.

There isn’t much to say about how these products perform in the shower as its all pretty standard shampooing activity however when you get to the drying part is when you notice something slightly different.

The concentrated amounts of raw keratin in these products means that hair is smoother and more controlled (or behaving if you will) after each use.

From the first time that I used the shampoo and conditioner (in conjunction with the Deep Intense Conditioning masque) my hair seemed to blow dry smooth in a fraction of the usual time without any of the fly aways that my fine hair always seems to have. From that first time I was able to straighten my hair by simply running the iron the ends rather than along the whole strand (which often left it flat and limp)

These products were designed as a take home maintenance system for the bhave in salon keratin smoothing treatment and contain the same raw natural keratin and so it has some of the same smoothing properties as the in salon treatment.

The bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque ($41.95) also contains moisturising oils such as macadamia and argan oil to nourish and hydrate the hair shaft as well as the bhave signature Replicine Keratin technology to repair damage and fill in and smoothen the hairs surface.

I loved putting this in my hair after shampooing and then leaving it while I did odd jobs around the house for an hour or so before rinsing out. When I intended using the masque I usually didnt use the conditioner and my hair got everything it needed from the treatment leaving it smooth and shiny.

bhave also do great leave in treatment products that also help the condition of your hair. The bhave Leave in Creme ($44.95) is a leave in conditioner creme, used before blow drying it adds a little extra more moisture while helping to detangle and leave the hair shiny  as well as protecting from heat styling. The key to using this with maximum effect is to use only the slightest amount of product.

Riot Control ($48.95) is an amazingly fragrant oil that you use on damp hair before a blow dry to add a super boost of shine as well as reducing your blow dry time. A little goes long way and if you have fine hair (like me) you should avoid applying too closely to your roots. With Vitamin E and argan oil the product in the handy pump bottle leaves your hair stronger and in better condition than before.


Fresh Ends ($32.95) was probably my favourite product, the pump pack dispenses the perfect amount of product which is designed to be rubbed through the ends of your hair to keep them soft and silky and repair some of the damage that comes with normal heat styling.

All in all i thoroughly recommend these products. They’re a professional quality range and while the prices might seem a little steep if you are used to grocery store hair care you should keep in mind that these products are quite concentrated. In the roughly two months I (and I suspect my husband) have been using the shampoo and conditioner I am only now coming to the last third of product in the bottles.

You can find your closest bhave stockists by calling 1300 40 20 64


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Katina Lindaa
Reply April 26, 2015

I seriously love the shampoo so much
and rosa my gosh your hair is so lovely! x

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