Ulta3 metallic cream eyeliner

After a metallic finish to your makeup? These new Ulta3 metallic cream eyeliners might be what you’re looking for.

Ulta3 are known for their amazingly low price point and their wide range of nail polish colours, they have expanded their line to include lip products as well as  these new metallic cream eyeliners.

Styled on a kajal stick similar to those used for centuries by women across Asia the cream eyeliners consist of a soft smooth product moulded into a conical tip that sits in a chunky plastic pen like tube that does not require twisting

The product its self is smooth and soft and glides leaving a good amount of pigment without tugging or pulling on the delicate skin around the eyes. Be sure not to press too hard when applying as the product is quite soft and can crumble.

Three of the four shades are really nicely pigmented however the black is more of a silvery grey than a true black.

The cream colour can be applied close to the lash line and then smudged out to create a slightly smokey look.

These shades will shift if you were to rub your eyes or if you have quite oily lids so if you’re after a super defined colourfast look these might not be for you but if you like the smoked out look you might like these.

The best way that i have found to apply these is to use the point to do any fine detail and use the side of the nib in small strokes to create longer lines.

The standout shades are the bronze and gold as they are the most pigmented and sparkly.

These will be a little difficult to use once the tip becomes less sharp and I’m not sure how these will go with a sharpener.

While I love the idea and the pigment of a few of these shades I will probably not be repurchasing them as it’s not something I would personally use very often and  once blunt they’re quite clumsy and hard to apply precisely to your eye.

RRP $5.95 each Available at selected chemists nationwide.


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