Three of a kind – Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of those beauty items I just cant live without. Whether its to prolong the wear of a blow out, mask any unpleasant smells or  simply add texture to a hairstyle dry shampoo is a one stop shop for great hair.
Ive been trialling a few brands out of late and thought I would share my thoughts.
Batiste dry shampoo is a firm favourite of women all over the country. Its super affordable and readily available in Priceline and supermarkets and comes in a range of fragrances and sizes from the jumbo (pictured) to convenient travel size. Like most dry shampoos it does have a bit of a white cast which can be problematic for brunettes but can usually be brushed out without too much effort
Radiance Revealing Invisible Dry Shampoo from upmarket hair brand Percy & Reed is the luxe product amongst the bunch. It is as it described invisible so is suitable for any hair colour. It also has a lovely floral fragrance that help to refresh the smell of hair after a night out in a smokey environment. I love this one for a quick touch me up as its colourless nature means that its the quickest to use. It is however, considerably more expensive that the other two options at about $20 but is worth it if youre after the quick and easy, If you’re into packaging you’ll love the girly motif across all of Percy & Reed products.
Polished London is the most affordable of the group at under $5. This one comes in a range of colours which are designed to blend in with your hair. The one I own in blightly brunette does all but disappear into my hair. Be careful not to spray this on clothing or directly on skin as it is quite staining. An added benefit of this product is that it can be used in a bind to cover greys in between colour touch ups.
Each of the products is effective in absorbing oil and prolonging fresh hair in between washes. For me, and my fine hair I regularly rely on dry shampoo evenw hen my hair is clean to add some body and texture.
DO you use dry shampoo? Which brand is your favourite?


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