Kerastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt


Hair products often make a long list of claims about how it they will miraculously transform your hair. Frizzy to smooth. Straight to curly and the other way around. Sometimes these claims run true but other times they really are far fetched.

Enter the Kerastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt. The claims are simple. It will make your hair more manageable and “free flowing” it’s designed for longer hair and is supposed to be most useful for those of us with damaged ends. (Me! Me! Me!)
It comes in a pretty pink bottle with a nifty dual pump system which reveals that it’s actually 2 products in one. One side is a product designed to add mirror like shine and the other contains AHA to smooth the hair making it look healthier and stronger.
I decided that this would be a perfect product considering that my balyaged hair takes quite a beating due to the colour and almost daily heat styling.
I’ve been using the product for a couple of weeks now, using two pumps every wash on towel dried hair before blow drying. I’ve also been using a small amount in between washes to refresh the ends.
This product has been nothing short of miraculous! It hasn’t eliminated my split ends (although they are significantly less noticeable) but it has done what it claimed to! My hair has been more tangle free, especially in my dry and damaged ends and makes them look a little more smooth and less “frayed”  after blow drying my hair has been shiny and healthy looking. Because my hair is so much smoother it tends to sit a lot nicer  when worn out.
I enjoyed using it every wash as the scent is pleasant and the product is easily
distributed and not sticky.
This is a perfect product especially for those of us trying to grow our hair as it’s smoothing  and thus split end hiding formulas might help to delay haircuts and trims.
This product was kindly offered at no cost but as usual this has not affected my opinions.Until next time!

Stay beautiful!


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