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The Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner have been living in my shower lately. They were sent to me for review as part of my Beauty Directory Expert Panel.

Dove claims that the Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture products promise instantly soft and visibly smooth hair and I tend to agree with these claims. The super thick and creamy formula means that a little product goes a long way to coat your hair. After just one use I found that my hair was shiny with lots of “slip” which is amazing considering the amount of damage my ends are currently sporting.

After a rough blow dry my hair felt smooth and almost like I had already applied a hair serum or some silicone blow drying aide.  After half a dozen uses the new shampoo feel has stuck around and the smoothened feel has lasted. I think I may use a clarifying shampoo once a month or so to ensure that there isn’t too much product build up however as of yet I havnt felt that my hair has been weighed down.

Priced at under $7 a bottle the Dove Hair Therapy Daily Moisture range is a reasonably priced alternative to some of the more expensive moisturising salon formulas.

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Reply September 29, 2015

I've also been so impressed with this super cheap yet effective duo! I agree with how my hair feels really healthy even though there's a lot of damage...

Sarah | Bows & Pleats
Reply September 29, 2015

This stuff also smells amazing! I was really surprised at how well it worked considering the affordable pricetag!!! xxx

Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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