5 steps to achieving your best hair ever!


Lets get some things straight( or curly)!

I can paint nails! I can put together a moderately stylish outfit and hey! while I don’t profess being anywhere near a makeup artist I can (on occasion) achieve some winged liner and can rock a bold lip.

However, I cannot, for the life of me do “good hair” I struggle with straightening, am challenged at curling and unashamedly awful at updos

My hair has changed so much over the years, it actually went super thick and curly as I hit puberty and then as I got older and had some hormone changes my hair changed dramatically once again to its current state which is fairly thin, soft and kind of wavy. It at its shortest its been for a long while ( I’m so glad the LOB is in fashion) after  finally admitting the truth that my hair won’t reach long lush mermaid status as it just too thin and kind of ratty as it grows out. Short of extensions my hair looks best when its cut bluntly, without layering. Its taken me many years, and many bad haircuts to admit that.

Unfortunately for me drying my hair naturally does not achieve pinterest worthy “beach waves” but the most epic of messy bed hair. So I definitely rely on heat styling to keep me looking (at the very least) presentable.

This post isn’t an extensive list of all the products I Use to keep my hair looking and feeling good but are the basic essentials that have helped me to achieve what I believe is my best hair yet.

1. Bhave Rescue Shampo and Conditioner.

I am a recent convert to these much hyped and much loved products. I was kindly sent these products a couple of months ago and now refuse to use anything else. Since using these exclusively I feel like my hair is smoother with almost no flyaways and tends to need less time with the hairdryer to get it  smooth. I used to have to run the hair iron along the whole hair from scalp to ends to try and tame flyaways which definitely worked but also left my roots super flat and limp looking. I haven’t done this once since using this shampoo and conditioner.

In addition to my findings this system also claims to help repair damaged hair and prevent future damage with its exclusive mix of ingredients including keratin (which I’m sure you know is the building block of our hair, skin and nails)

I love a product that works but if that product is also sulphate free, certified organic, never tested on animals and Australian owned then IM SOLD!

2. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Blonde Toner

This is the best blonde toner I have ever used. At approximately $9 it costs a fraction of the last toner I invested in and works much much better to brighten and really lift the colour of my balyage. Having naturally pretty dark hair its a contstant battle to keep my blonde ends free of yellow brassy tones. Using this conditioning purple treatment every second wash keeps my hair looking ashy and will actually tinge it slightly purple (as well as my hands) If I skip it my hair starts looking really golden within a week. I would never have believed that a product that is so affordable would become so essential to keep my hair looking good.

3. Kerastase Ciment Thermique Vita Ciment Top Seal

I have already mentioned that I have fairly dramatically lightened hair and as such am a little bit obsessed with protecting it from any more damage caused by my constant heat styling.  I rely on this squeezy tube of fragrant (it reminds me of rockmelon) lotion to help protect from heat while sealing the hair in a “topcoat” and keeping it shiny. This “milk” is rubbed through damp hair before blow drying as normal. Heat actually activates the protectant and helps to reconstruct the damaged part of the hair shaft.

It was recommended to me by my hairdresser after I complained about breakage and excessive damage that had been caused by colouring and heat treating (I need a support group for people who use their heat tools too often)

I had been using all manner of what I thought were adequate heat protectant products (from big brands) in the forms of serums and sprays but my Hairdresser alerted me to the fact that a lot of these were either oil or alcohol based and could actually help damage the hair by “frying” it.

So I have been using the Ciment Thermique for a while and have been really happy with its performance. This product is so effective that you do not need to use it after every wash but every 3 washes.


The conditioning and heat protective properties are supposedly activated by heat so there is no use using it if you intend to let your hair naturally dry.As with all Kerastase products a little goes a long way which helps to justify the seemingly high prices, (approximately $35)  but if there is a product that is going to allow me to continue to use my ghd like a hair straightener junkie while still looking healthy and supple, you know Im going to be there!!Kerastase products can be purchased from affiliated salons and from Salon supply stores.
4. Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB Hair Beautifier

This wonder product boasts a whopping 11 benefits from the unassuming little tube. Im not sure that i can account for 11 claims however since I started using this product a few weeks ago I have found that my hair is more tangle free and feels really  nice and bouncy. It feels like the lotion like product sort of coats your hair making it more sleek and very soft and bouncy. Schwarzkopf claims that the product has the following benefits.

1. Anti-Breakage 2. Split Ends Protection 3. Silky Softness 4. Diamond Shine 5. Strength Against Damage 6. Frizz Control 7. Immediate Detangling 8. Deep Nourishment 9. Natural Volume 10. Moisture Sealing 11. Supreme Repair.

5. Batiste  Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo was really a game changer for me. I can instantly refresh, deodorise, and add texture to my hair in one simple spray. I use it on clean hair to roughen it up a bit before curling and on “on the verge hair” to keep it looking passable for one more day before washing. Ive managed to get my hair washing down to two to three times a week which has been really beneficial to help my colour from fading.

I would love to hear about you’re game changing hair products!

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