First impressions – Maybelline NY PUMPED UP Colossal Volum express mascara

Wow! What a name!
Maybelline NY’s latest offering promises big things.
Pumped up, look-at-me lashes. Lashes Go Bigger, Bolder, More Extreme.
This short straight lashed blogger was feeling super pumped when she spotted it in Priceline last week and decided to give it a try today.
When I first opened the tube I was surprised at just how large the brush was. It was so large infact that i decided to apply mascara BEFORE the rest of my makeup so as to avoid any smudging on eyeshadow and the like. Im glad I did because my clumsy hand and the super big brush had mascara going everywhere.
One coat applied without any curling or other prep gave dark defined lashes
Two coats gave lots of volume at the root and super black lashes. You can see (I’ve cleaned up the smudges and applied other makeup) that the formula is very black and provides great volume but doesn’t do much to lengthen the lashes. Any more than two coats and I think my short lashes would have drowned in a spidery mess but if you were blessed with long lashes then you could definately do another coat.
Add a tiny bit of liner and I’m ready to go! Let’s see how it holds up to a hot and sweaty face all day long.
It’s 6.50  pm and I’m catching the last of the day’s light to show you how it wore throughout the day. There is some pretty heavy transfer on my under eye area. This is common for me at the end of the day as my eye area can get pretty oily (note the major creasing and caking of my concealer) but there is no flaking and the lashes still look like they did in the morning.
I feel like this mascara would be amazing on someone who already has long lashes as the extra volume would be amazing. I really recommend that you apply this before you do any intricate makeup around your eyes as the ginormous brush makes it impossible to apply without a little smudge here or there. I liked the applicator though as it didn’t hold way too much product like some others, cleaning it off on a tissue didn’t feel like you were wasting too much. I also am a big fan of more traditional spoolie wands rather than the rubber wands that have become popular in recent years.
Finally I liked the drier formula, it’s wasn’t gloopy and wet at all and was super buildable.
This is one that didn’t really work for me, but i would recommend it for someone who has drier skin and longer lashes


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