February favourites

It’s drawing to the end of summer and so I thought I would head outside and enjoy the warm afternoon to take a few pictures of the things I’ve been loving this month. While I won’t miss the sweltering hot days of summer I definately will miss the long light evenings spent enjoying the outdoors.

Farewell for another year Summer. Autumn brings berry shades, warm clothes and my birthday.

Let me introduce you to the Itcosmetics CC+ This wonder product does it all! It contains 50+ broad spectrum physical sunscreen, an antiaging and hydrating serum and all while colour correcting. But that’s not why I love this product. This high coverage cc cream gives a flawless finish and lasts beautifully throughout the day with no breakdown or patchiness. Aussie girls outside of Sydney will have trouble getting your hands on this as it is exclusively sold at Sephora but hopefully in the coming months an online store will become a reality. This is a sample size but the full sized product retails for approximately $50.

If you’re a regular reader you will know that I have sensitive skin and suffer (not as) frequent (as they used to be) bouts of Perioral dermatitis. The First Aid Ultra Repair Cream is soothing and light while providing a good boost of hydration for your skin. It has a light almost aerated texture and reminds me of the big tubs of ¬†sorbolene cream my mum used to use. It’s lightly fragranced with a herbal almost eucalyptus smell but the smell does not linger on the skin. Being paraben free it gets a big tick from me. I purchased this online from AdoreBeauty for just under $35.
The Bliss triple oxygen instant energizer mask was sent to me for my considerations and I have been using it regularly. It’s a great mask especially for sensitive or dry skin because I felt it didn’t strip away all the oils but left my face feeling really really fresh and renewed. You can read more about the mask here.
You will have seen me ranting and raving about the Maybelline Color Intense Celvet lip pencils all over the place this month. While they were sent to me I trully did fall in love with them. They’re portable, affordable and luxuriously pigmented. Go for the brighter shades for texture and pigmentation that rivals the most high end lip pencils.
Since turning into a blondie about 6 weeks ago I’ve been obsessed with keeping the brass away. This purple toner available at Priceline ($8) works better for me than some really expensive ones. The lightest parts of my hair are actually turning silver which is looking great.
In the tube the Burts Bees lip crayon in Napa Vineyard looks like it would be a tinted gloss. On the lips it’s amazingly vibrant and was perfect for Valentine’s Day. This was my pleasant surprise of the month. Available from Target, David Jones and Priceline for $17
It’s so unfair to include this one because it is virtually impossible to get unless you visit Sephora in Sydney. Australian online bite beauty stockists just don’t seem to carry this product. The Agave lip mask is perfection. The little metal tube holds a super nourishing and long lasting lip balm that actually lasts all night to reveal super soft pillowy lips in the morning. At $33 it’s a hefty price for a lip balm but I just keep reaching for it over and over.


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Maddison McConnell
Reply March 1, 2015

That Burts Bee's lip crayon looks amazing! Oh my!

Sarah Foote
Reply March 6, 2015

I need to try the bloody IT Cosmetics CC cream if I can ever manage to get my hands on it! I swatches some of the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils at Target today and I was blown away by how pigmented they were. They were all sold out of every colour so that must have said something! I hope I can get my hands on some soon.

Great post as always!

Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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