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Pixi Beauty is back with a new round of palettes and products made in collaboration with some of the worlds sassiest social media stars. Last year ItsJudyTime came out with a gorgeous warm toned eyeshadow palette while Aspyn Ovard came out with some powders (the blush is still one of my favourites) and Caroline Hirons offered up a two in one tub for double cleansing.


This year Pixi has teamed up with the following beauties to create even more products.

img credit Pixi Beauty website

Dulce Candy 

Known For

  • 2.2 million Youtube subscribers
  • Makeup tutorials, fashion and lifestyle content and chatty videos
  • Bi lingual influencer, Mexican-American heritage

Dulce has two palettes in her collection beautiful and multipurpose palettes in her collection.

Dulce’s Lip Candy is a cream palette which contains 9 shades of highly pigmented and smooth products that while are designed to be used on the lips can also be used as a complimentary cheek colour. The beauty of a palette like this is that you can mix and match and design your own custom shades easily.

The Café con Dulce palette appears to be an eyeshadow palette at first glance but it actually has a lot more potential than that. The super saturated shimmer shades almost feel like a cream as they apply. This palette contains the perfect highlight shade for any skin tone as well as all the shimmery lid colours you could ever want. I really enjoyed using this with fingers tapped on the skin for a beautifully lit look, or with a brush for a super blingy highlight.




img credit Pixi Beauty website

Chloe Morello

Known For;

  • 2.5 million YouTube subscribers
  • Makeup tutorials, reviews and fashion content
  • Australian

Our very own Chloe has released the do – everything palette in the form of the Palette Chlo-ette. The palette contains three large pans of silky, radiant blush, 6 eye shadow pans in a shimmer formula as well as three shades that can be used as brow or liner shades. The palette as a whole works really well but I would have loved to see the addition of a couple of matte eyeshadows as well as a matte bronzer replacing one of the shimmer blushes. The thing I love about the Palette Chlo-ette is that there are no rules as to where you must use each of the colours.

In addition to the Palette Chloe has also released a gorgeous a 3D glimmer lip gloss in the form of Lip Icing. The gloss applies smoothly and gives the lips a pretty shimmer when worn alone but looks gorgeous when worn over other lip products.



img credit Pixi Beauty website

Weylie Hoang

Known For

  • 1.6 million Youtube subscribers
  • fashion look books, crafting, family friendly videos
  • Published her first video at 15, American.


Finally, California based Weylie has released two products with Pixi in the form of the Dimensional Eye Creator pack. The pack contains  the super portable palette featuring 6 neutral shades that can create a multitude of looks as well as a double ended liner. The 2-in-1 black kohl pencil and liquid eyeliner are one of the best Ive tried with the creamy kohl drying down to become budgeproof after a few moments.



Pixi do shimmer shades very well, and this palette is no exception. The two lighter shimmer shades help to create dimension and add to the versatility of the palette.


You can see more about the pixi pretties collaborations in the video below.


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