NailMania – On the run! Quick dry solutions.

Who has time to around and wait for manicures to dry?

Often we paint our nails and before you know it we”ve smudged or dented our polish while trying to put the seatbelt on/open the fridge/ put on our shoes / insert another essential mundane activity here.

Here are some of my fool proof methods to get my fingers and toes dry enough to prevent ruining my manicure before carrying on with life.

There are some products that help to dry your nails quicker than ever.

Quick dry top coat

A quick dry top coat like this one helps to seal the polish in a shiny coat but also aids it in drying. Seche Vite goes a step further and helps turn your polish into a single coat of polish that becomes hard and super glossy. After applying wait a few minutes and your polish is touch dry and you can carefully resume your normal activities ten minutes more and its touch, bump and bedsheets proof.


Quick dry drops
Nail polish drying drops help to dry the surface of the nail. They feel like an oily substance and evaporate quickly leaving nails dryer and cuticles looking refreshed. Using the dropper provided a drip of a drop or two of a product like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops on the cuticle and allow to slide down the nail surface and you’re good to go. The Revitanail instant dry drops are also a great product and have a squeezy dropper on the end that helps prevent spills.


Quick dry formulas
Lots of nail polish brands have released quicker drying formulas. This one by Rimmel boasts a 60 second dry time. Note that this is not usually a complete dry but touch dry but is good enough if you’re able to be careful (i.e. not rummaging around in your handbag for your keys) The dry time is significantly lower though and is completely dry within ten minutes.
And then there are those “life hacks” that help you get out the door quicker.


Icy water


Immediately after painting your nails, submerge your nails in the icy water for two to three minutes. The cold will help to set the nail polish making the surface harden. You will still need to take care as the polish underneath may be softer but this will help you get on with your day sooner.
Cooking oil spray
Using simple aerosol cooking spray found in most kitchens works in a similar fashion to the nail dry drops. ¬†Once your nails are done spray a light coat of oil to the tips of your nails and wait five minutes and you’re good to go.


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Those Rimmel polishes are so quick to dry - wish they had more colours, I'd buy them all!

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