NailMania – Top it off! Top coats for all occasions

Hi there! Welcome back to NailMania here on Lipstick ‘n’ Linguine! Here is a quick post about my favourite nail topcoats.

All of these products serve different purposes and give different finishes and are all essentials for the nail polish addict.

The tried and tested classic

Sally Hansen does great top coats. This one called the big shiny topcoat delivers on its promises. In one coat it gives a high gloss finish to all your manicures.

The Speedy finish

Seche vite fast dry top coat is the best quick dry top coat I’ve ever used. While it can be a little tricky to use (its quite thick and also needs to be wrapped around the nail polish to prevent it from shrinking and cracking) once you have the hang of it you’ll never look back. Nothing dries your polish quicker than this baby! One coat and you’re ready to go in five!

The trend setter

Matte nails have been hot for the last couple of years. A matte top coat like this one from Kit Cosmetics turns all your regular nail polishes into matte ones. They can also be used to apply matte tips or polka dots on an otherwise glossy nail for a modern textured look.

The show stopper

Glitter and confetti topcoats can turn an ordinary manicure into something special. You can use them to do glitter gradents, glitter tips or all over for maximum sparkle. Check out this post about my favourite glitter toppers here.
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Reply January 29, 2015

I'm so afraid to try more Sally Hansen top coats as the last one I tried were horrible. Did this one increase the duration of your nail polishes or just add shine?


    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply January 31, 2015

    I rarely keep manis for more than three days so i can't really comment on the durability of the top coat but it does make the mani look "sealed" and shiny

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