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Hi! Welcome back to NailMania! Today I’m sharing with you a brand new collection of pastel polishes from Sally Hansen. These are a range of all new colours in the classic Hard as Nails Xtreme wear formula.  These were sent to me last week and I was keen as pie to include these in this weeks celebration of all things nails! My nails and cuticles were in pretty bad shape so you’ll have to excuse the hangnails (this is why you should never pick at those dreaded things)

This collection consists of six shades of pretty pastels that are creme based and have a high gloss finish.  The formula of these varies, some need building and others are nearly opaque with one coat  but as a whole the formula is good.
Kelp yourself

Kelp yourself is one of those shades that can be described in many ways. Part mint green, a little bit of a leaning towards eggshell blue this shade was really hard to capture in photographs. The formula was great on this one, it’s streak free, perfect not too thick but not too thin consistency and almost opaque at one coat.
The photo below shows two coats without any base or topcoat and was taken in natural light with no filtering or editing.

Teeny Bikini

Teeny bikini is a mid toned pastel yellow. This shade needed a little more building up as it was more sheer than some of the others but was not streaky and went on nice and evenly. This shade throws a lot of orange in these photos but in real life it’s a true  sunny pastel yellow.
This is three thin coats, again without base or topcoat. This is one of my favourite shades.
You’re crabby

You’re crabby is a pink purple hybrid, the best description would be orchid (which is funny because there is another shade called orchid) this is gorgeous on and this is the one that I wore for a few days. I really love the finish of this one it’s super glossy and wore really well for three days without any major tip wear.
This is the perfect consistency. It’s thin enough to spread easily but not too thin that it floods the cuticles. Again the gloss in my swatch is achieved with two coats of this polish alone.
Floaties is part orange sherbet, part apricot and a little bit coral. It’s one of the prettiest shades but was the most difficult to build up as it lacked some of the white creme element of the others and was a lot more sheer than the others. Three coats were needed for a fully opaque and glory finish


Water orchid
So pretty! These photos doesn’t do it justice as it looks a lot more muted and dull than it does in real life.  This shade leans towards a more blue/violet type of purple. This one can be worn in a single layer as it’s basically opaque at one coat. Adding a second coat boosts the shine.
Pictured above is one coat of water orchid.
Natural light, no base or top coat.  The formula is great it’s opaque but not too thick.
Wet suit
Wet suit is a gorgeous pastel blue which would have been my favourite if it wasn’t so difficult to apply. I’m not sure if it was just my bottle but the polish was sort of gluggy and very thick. It took a very steady hand to avoid flooding the cuticles. I’ll be adding some thinners to this one and hopefully it doesn’t affect the shade or coverage too much.
This one is almost opaque at one coat as well. As with the others this is in natural light without any additional base or top coats.
I really liked the finish of these, used together they create really pretty and girly manicures that are super glossy without the need for topcoat. I assume that the super shine is because the polishes have a nail hardener as a base.
The Sally Hansen Hard as Nail extreme wear Summer pastels are instore at selected Priceline stores and wherever Sally Hansen is sold and retail at a very reasonable $6.95 a piece.
Until tomorrow nail bandits!
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Kelp Yourself and Water Orchid are such gorgeous shades ♡

Eila | theblushingbrunettes

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