Delicious Donut Sprinkle nails

I have a million and one things to do today so naturally I sat down and gave myself a cute manicure. Today, inspired by my craving for something sweet I gave myself some cute little donut sprinkle nails. Theyre super simple to recreate.


donut searchStep 1 – Google images of donuts so that you can choose a colour scheme that best suits your taste (mmm donuts)

donut suppliesStep 2 – Gather your materials. Here is what you will need to create your own donut sprinkle nails.

– A base colour ( I chose pink because everyone knows that pink donuts are the most delicious) other popular colours might be white or chocolate brown.

– four additional colours that match your desired donut effect, choose white and a few bright shades

– An old magazine to rest on and pr0tect your surfaces

– A disposable plastic surface such as an old CD case (remember CDS!?)

– a tool or brush to create the sprinkles. I used a small nail art brush, you can get hem very cheaply from Ebay, Alternatively a small, stiff  paint brush from an art supplies store might work. In a bind a tooth pick or dotting tool could also be used.

–  A clear topcoat to seal your design

Step 3 – Apply two coats of your base colour (Pink)

tutorial 2tutorial 1

Step 4 – Dab a small amount of your first colour onto your disposable surface, Lower your brush into the colour and then dab off any surplus polish by stamping it once or twice on the plastic. Create your sprinkle by stamping the edge of the brush onto your nails. If using a toothpick use it on an angle to create a dash. Practice a few times on your plastic item. Its not hard, but achieving the exact shape that you prefer might take a couple of goes.

Step 5 – Repeat with the rest of your colours. Be sure to overlap some of the colours just like real sprinkles and avoid crowding the nail or it will look too messy.

Step 6 – Seal in your manicure with a clear top coat such as this quick dry one from Seche Vite.

donuts final

Enjoy your new donut sprinkle nails and Do-nut eat too many donuts!


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