Nail art 101 …..

Aka Nail art for the hopeless (ie me)
Anyone who follows this blog and my Instagram account
(@lipsticknlinguine) knows that I can paint nails like a boss. Perfectly
polished nails.. yep that’s me.. however ask me to do anything creative with my
nails or a special accent nail and it ends up in a clumsy looking  hot mess. There are so many options available out there including ultra fine brushes and nail art pens but unless you have lots of experience or a super steady hand these methods can be time consuming  and messy.
So here is my hopeless girls guide to
getting a little pizzaz to the nails without breaking a sweat
1.      Nail Jewels

In one quick step you can change a plain painted nail into a
bejewelled accent nail. Paint your nail in the desired colour using two coats
and before the second coat is dry use some fine point tweezers to apply a single
jewel or a number of them to make a pattern. Using some top coat can seal the
design but  make sure that the jewels do
not get dulled or damaged by the top coat before you apply it to all your nails.
Searching websites like ebay you can find a large array of jewels and studs to
play with.
     Try this; Glam manicare Express 3 in 1 nail pen $9.99.

these handy
little tubes contain everything you need to glam up your nails including lots
of jewels, a base colour and nail art pen with stencils. Theyre available from Priceline. A couple of tubes were sent to me as samples and am seriously considering getting a few more colours! Theyre (almost) fool proof.
2.       Nail stencils
This is perfect for those who really struggle having a
steady enough hand to draw a design. Simply  paint your nails and let dry and position the
decal stencil over the dried nail. Dab on top of the decal with a contrasting or
complimenting coloured polish and then wait a moment before peeling off the
stencil to reveal a pattern on the nail. You can pick up sheets and   sheets
of these at nail supply shops or ebay
3.      Dotting tools

These handy little tools help you to achieve polka dots of
all sizes on your nails, if youre feeling adventurous then you can use your
dotting tool to “pull” the dot out and create tear drops and petals to make
flowers. Simply head to Youtube to see the amazing things that people can do
with dotting tools. Again head ebay to find these as you can pick them up for
very little and usually come in packs.

4.      Nail pearls


These look so tricky but can be used in a couple of ways to
really jazz up your nails. For all over pearls sprinkle these tiny little
spheres over wet polish and press down. Be carefull as these little pearls will
get everywhere if dropped. The packs often come with little trays and funnels
to try and tame them back into the bottle.


For something a little more subtle use the pearls in the
same manner as you would use jewels, create flowers, lines  or patterns. Using some fine tweezers press
individual pearls into wet polish.
Try this, Pretty Woman nail pearls $9.99 they come in many colours and
are super tiny. Available at The Beauty Office These were also sent to me to try out and are so easy to use!


5.     Nail stamping

It is really easy to achieve patterns and
designs in a couple of steps and leave your friends wondering how you achieved such
a cool look.

Stamping plates usually contain up to 12
designs. Simply dab a small amount of polish
onto the plate, scrape over it with the scraper provided and then use
the rubber stamping tool to pick  up the
design and position it on the desired spot before pressing down gently. When you
lift the stamping tool back up a design should be left on the nail. Apply some
clear top coat and youre done!
Try this; the Konad stamping systems  are inexpensive and the stamping possibililties are endless.
Do you have any tips for nail art that can get a nail art challenged girl like me?
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