The Ultimate Winter Top Knot with Grant Withnell

Whether you’re shredding it up this snow season or just all about looking cute hitting the streets there is no more way to look effortlessly chic than with a simple top knot.


But to keep it super sophisticated its not always as easy as twisting it all up.. it takes method to achieve that polished and pretty look.

Luckily for us Schwarzkopf Technical Educator Grant Withnell has shared his top tips on how to achieve the classically chic top knot.

Spray some Styliste Ultîme Biotin Dry Shampoo onto the roots of hair and massage to give some extra volume and texture

  1. Pull your hair into a high pony tail, the higher the better, try flipping your head upside down. Don’t be worried about being too neat with the pony, it will look mismatched if it’s sleek pulled back pony with a messy top knot
  2. Sprinkle some Styliste Ultîme Texture Powder into the length of the pony and rub through with your hands. Tease the lengths of the pony tail slightly with your fingers to create some volume and rough texture
  3. Twist, braid, or simply wrap your ponytail hair around the hair tie to create a messy “knot” and secure with bobby pins – try to avoid using a second hair tie as this will lose the volume
  4. Loosen random pieces in front, at sides, back and on top to create the messy look if not created already
  5. Finish with Styliste Ultîme Amino-Q Hairspray to hold in place all day


Tips to note:

  • This look is usually best achieved with dirty hair. The day after washing is perfect
  • There is a common misconception when creating a top knot that you need a lot of hair or long hair but there are plenty of tips and tricks to fake the fuller hair look. One way is the tease the pony tail dramatically to give the illusion of more hair. Another option is to use a hair styling foam donut.
  • Top knots are perfect for winter as it protects your hair from overexposure to the harsh cold elements
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