Hourglass Mineral Veil dupes ?

We hear about dupes all the time! I thought we could take a  look at and compare three priming products today which are deemed as dupes for one another. The three under the microscope today are the cult favourite and super pricey Mineral Veil primer from Hourglass, a budget friendly white primer from Nyx and another drugstore hero in the form of the Max Factor Facefinity All Day primer.

Products are touted as dupes for one another far too easily these days. In my mind a dupe is a product which is more or less identical to one from another brand and which is usually a cheaper alternative.

The products in this post are NOT dupes, but are all great products in their own right which have some similarities that you might deem as enough of a reason to buy one over another.

Here is a quick run down of each of them.

hourglass primerFirst of all; the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. At almost $70 for 30ml this primer is super expensive! Its bright white formula feels smooth on the skin helping to create an even canvas for foundation. It has a slight drying and mattifying effect which makes me think that this would be best suited for oilier skin types. The primer leave a white almost chalky finish on the skin which you might not like if you’re using a very light coverage foundation on top. In my opinion it doesn’t fill in pores significantly and I have seen it settle in  fine lines. So many people love this primer but personally I haven’t found this product any better than any drugstore primers that I own. Im not sure if Im using it incorrectly but Im always a little puzzled when people go on and on about this product. Hourglass products are available exclusively from Mecca Cosmetica.

nyx angel veil

Angel Veil from Nyx has long been described as a dupe for the Hourglass product but in reality there is very little that is similar other than its colour. Angel Veil has a thicker consistency with a silicone feel similar to Benefit’s The Porefessional or Maybelline Baby Skin. Angel Veil helps to fill in pores and fine lines and leaves the skin feeling smooth and velvety. I haven’t found that the primer breaks down with oil and it helps to blur any imperfections before the application of makeup.

maxfactorLastly Max Factors Facefinity All Day  Primer is more like the Mineral Veil than the NYX product. I personally like this one more than the much pricier Hourglass product as I find it more hydrating. The consistency is similar but it is much creamier and is not as stark white. This disappears really nicely into the skin and stays kind of tacky until you apply foundation on top.

 The photo below shows the consistency of the primers and shows the difference in the finish. From left to right; NYX Angel Veil, Hourglass Mineral Veil and Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer.


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M + K
Reply August 23, 2015

The nyx Angel Veil sounds promising! We're on the last leg with our current face primer and have been on a desperate hunt for something new to try. We might have to pick this one up

M + K

Reply March 5, 2016

The best dupe, ingredient-wise, to Mineral Veil is Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

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