June Favourites

There are so many new loves this month as well as some tried and true basics. Here are a few of the things I have been loving. Let me know what you think of my June favourites in the comments below!

faby green June Favourites


I received a little collection of nail polishes from Italian brand Faby recently. I love that Faby have left out all the nasties from their polishes but that they still perform as well as traditional polishes. Of all the shades I received I am most enamoured with Plasti Jewels and Neon Lights which is a deep teal creme. Its a modern classic; dark enough to be sophisticated while bright enough to be fun.  The polishes I have tried are super glossy and long wearing.



MAC rebel June favourites


MAC’s Rebel is another staple in my collection. Its best described as a plummy pink and suits a wide array of skin tones. This shade seems to be a bit of a chameleon looking different on different people. This one is perfect for winter as its a lovely deep shade but not too goth looking.


swisse micellular mac rebel


I wasn’t aware that Swisse did beauty products until I was sent this Micellar Makeup Remover.  It removes makeup as effortlessly from my eyes, lips and face as other brands of Micellar water but has the added benefit of cooling cucumber.  I actually really like the packaging which is a no nonsense bottle that reminds me of old style medicine bottles.


avene june favourites


Since the weather started cooling down I have become a little (read a lot) obsessed with finding the perfect serum (stay tuned for my serum smackdown coming soon) The Avene Hydrance Optimale is lovely. The serum is light and creamy and helps to hydrate the skin even before any moisturiser has been applied. I love the pump pack as two pumps dispenses the perfect amount of product for me.


hourglass june favourites


Im on the bandwagon people! After putting off purchasing this (because I have way too many highlighters) I finally caved and boy am I glad I did. The price was the main thing I found off putting, at over $70 its quite the purchase but I justified it by telling myself that there were three shades here of the iconic powder. The super finely milled powders in the Hourglass Ambeint Lighting Palette impart a subtle and pretty glow that can be buffed all over the skin and concentrated on those areas you wish to highlight.


better than sex june favourites


I had been coveting the Too Faced Better Than Sex for quite a while but it was just so hard to get a hold of! I know what the fuss was about now! The hourglass shaped brush really helps to lift and separate the lashes while the formula is glossy and super black. The only negative is that it does transfer slightly for me to the under eye area however this happens with most non waterproof formulas for me.


Which products have made your June favourites?

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Sarah Foote
Reply July 1, 2015

What pretty pictures Rosa! The hourglass ambient lighting palette is such a holy grail for me, since it has replaced my setting powder, highlighter and blush all in one convenient palette. I am freakin' obsessed and feel like I need a backup and am wondering when I will hit pan on one of the powders. I also love Better Than Sex! I bought a full-size tube on my last overseas trip but I'm still getting through my minis!

Sarah | Bows & Pleats

Reply July 1, 2015

YES! I am so intrigued by the Swisse water! It sounds amazing and I think I will definitely try it out when I'm done with Bioderma and Garnier!

And that Too Faced mascara... I NEED.

Jacquelyn xx | heytherejacquelyn

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply July 1, 2015

    You really do need to try this mascara. I had my doubts but now that I finally (finally!) have y hands on it I cant get enought! Thanks for stopping by!!

Kerri @ Beauty and Things
Reply July 1, 2015

I'm really looking forward to trying the Swisse Micellar Makeup Remover and see how it is compared to the other removers

Reply July 2, 2015

Love your favourites! I've received the Micellar Makeup Remover too and can't wait to try it now! I keep meaning to try the Too Faced mascara - I haven't heard a single bad thing! xx

Daniela | MissNewBeauty.net

Reply July 4, 2015

I've love Mac's Rebel as well.


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