July Favourites

I think its safe to say that the worst of winter is over! July was freezing! I cant remember being this cold last year! Here on the blog things have been running a lot more smoothly as I become more familiar with wordpress and I have really been working on improving the look of my photos and blog in general.

On the home front the Mr and I have really been doing well since going cold turkey on sugar last month. There are finally some visible physcial changes and our health has improved overall. We have joined the fitbit cult and are obsessing over steps and kilometres and the such. Ive ben loving being able to track my sleep and have seen massive differences in my sleep patterns between sugar free days and treat  days.

My focus this month has been on hydration, hydration, hydration! My lips, cuticles and legs in particular have really needed a boost of moisture this year.

There are lots of products Ive been loving here are a few that I have been reaching for time and time again.

Here are my July favourites


I finally got my hands on Velvet Teddy late last month and have been wearing it really often, Its a perfect nude brown that looks great paired with both a neutral eye and something more dramatic. MAC’s Velvet Teddy has been one of my favourite shades this month! brush

You might have seen my most recent Sephora haul and seen that I dropped some major cash on some new brushes. Ive been loving my new brushes from It Cosmetics. They feel so lush on the face and the super soft bristles help to disperse powders beautifully.

go to

I loved every thing I was sent from Go To Cosmetics but my favourites from the collection were the Swipeys exfoliating wipes. The textured surface of these little wipes help to remove any grime while depositing an exfoliating solution. Read my full review here.

hourglass sunshineDespite owning this blush for over a year Ive really been loving my hourglass ambient lighting blush in Dim Infusion. I think it might be that Im really enjoying the current mix of ambient powder to pigment. I was never really impressed with the excessive highlighter in the pan. Its not often I change my mind drastically about a product… but well! It happened!


dr hAs I mentioned Ive really been after optimum hydration this month and there have two beautifully rose scented products that have kept my skin soft and supple.  The Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream is really rich and moisturising and feels more like a night cream than a light day cream. This has been perfect for both day and night for me and provides a beautifully smooth canvas for makeup in the mornings.

kosmeaThe Kosmea Rose Body Lotion has kept my limbs hydrated. My legs in particular have had a case of the scaleys of late and the Lotion has helped to keep that at bay.

givenAnd lastly I recently purchased Very Irresistible by Givenchy.  It was the  Mes Envies Limited Edition which featured a pretty ribbon tied in a  bow around the bottle. The ribbon is removable and its suggested you use it however you like from a hair adornment or on your favourite handbag. The fragrance itself is gorgeously floral filled with rose scents as well as verbena leaf.

And there they are! What are your July favourites?


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Reply August 3, 2015

YES! How amazing is Velvet Teddy!!?? Such pretty favourites Rosa! xx

Reply August 3, 2015

I am loving the photos and look/feel of your blog Rosa, you can really tell how much effort and love goes into every aspect. I must say I've been also loving Velvet Teddy in July, it's been my go-to lipstick! The Go To swipeys look fab, I've heard great things about them, and can imagine they'd be so handy to travel with! Great faves x

Daniela | MissNewBeauty.net

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