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hourglass openedHourglass Cosmetics is the luxury beauty brand that makeup artists, enthusiasts and celebrities rave about. Their powders and primers are some of the most hyped up products on the market and they’ve been exclusively available from Mecca stores across Australia for a while now. I don’t own a lot from the brand but do own three of the most hyped products and thought thatI would share my thoughts on them with you.

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First off the packaging. Most of the Hourglass Cosmetics products are packaged in sleek, beautiful (and quite expensive looking) reflective materials. The powders in the picture above look and feel quite heavy and contain good sized mirrors. The primer is a heavy glass bottle. The only downside to the packaging is that it does require regular cleaning as its a magnet for finger prints.

hourglass sunshine


My favourite products have to be the powders. While theyre quite expensive I find that you do get quite a bit of product here. The first item I bought over a year ago was the Ambient lighting Blush in Dim Infusion ($46). I must admit that I was unimpressed by its performance for a long time as my product contained a lot more ambient lighting powder than pigmented blush. However as I kept at it I found that the makeup of the blush changed as more of the colourful marbling came to the surface. Dim infusion gives a glowy, peach coral flush to cheeks, It can also be used as a highlight on darker skin tones. Now that I have seen the true finish of this product I am more likely to buy a couple more shades ( Here is hoping I have a chance when Im in the US later this year)

A little while ago I treated myself to the Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Palette ($76)which contains two shades of the popular Ambient powders along with an exclusive new shade to the palette.  The LE shade Iridescent light is a pearly shade which is the most like a traditional highlighter.

The other two shades are less of a highlighter and more of a finishing powder designed to mimic different strengths and shades of light on your skin. Each of the powders is beautiful and soft and gives a subtle finish to the skin rather than a powerful highlight. If youre interested in these powders I really recommend getting this palette over investing in a full size of one of the shades. Youre getting three (albeit mini) shades rather than 1 and for $17 extra.
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The last product I wanted to mention was the very hyped Hourglass Cosmetics Veil; the mineral primer. I purchased this some time ago because everyone I spoke to about the product claimed that it was the best thing since sliced bread. I beg to differ on this one.. well sort of. While Im not saying this is a terrible or even slightly bad product I feel that the price isn’t justified by the results. Ive found primers that are much less expensive that are just as good if not better than this product. The primer looks like a white lotion and is smooth on the skin, it ends with an almost powder like feel and helps to mattify the skin ready for foundation. Again I feel the need to stress that it isn’t a bad product but its worth noting that it didn’t outperform the very similar (an less expensive)Max Factor product in any way.

Overall Im impressed with the Hourglass Cosmetics products and have found that theyre a must for luxe beauty lovers. If youre on a budget however I feel like their are products out there that get you the look of these for less.

Are there any products from this brand that you have tried and loved? Id love to hear from you!

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Nikky @ Lipstick & Motherhood
Reply August 12, 2015

Oh that primer is by far the best for me! I've tried loads! Which ones do you think perform better, I'm always keen to try something more affordable and that works a treat :)

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply September 11, 2015

    There are so many that I like better, including the smash box one.. I will definitely finish it though. Far too pricey to leave in the drawer! xx

Sarah Foote
Reply August 13, 2015

I have to agree with you that the mineral veil primer isn't my HG but I do really like it. I have the full-size but I only really use it for big nights out because I have to conserve that shiz for the pricetag! I am however, obsessed with the ambient lighting wardrobe and would buy that again in a heartbeat. I take it with me everywhere. Great post! I also own the ambient lighting blush palette and feel it's also worth purchasing because you save so much money.

Sarah | Bows & Pleats

Reply August 16, 2015

I LOOOOOOVE Hourglass products, definitely need to build my collection more.
Need to bite the bullet and buy the primer but its so expensive, owwww

Brittany | www.brittersblog.com

The Sunday Mode
Reply September 4, 2015

I don't have too many Hourglass products, but the items I do have I love! The ambient lighting powders are my absolute favourite, so finely milled and they look beautiful on the skin. Plus the packaging is so luxurious x


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