Removing the winter fuzz with Andrea

andrea waxIm embarrassed to say that Ive fallen into that stereotypical winter hibernation. With the cold weather has come snuggly leggings, tights and trousers and my usual meticulous maintenance has fallen to the way side. However, Im not sure if you have noticed but the days are starting to get longer which means one thing; Spring is on its way!

Luckily I received a care package from Andrea a little while ago and with that bit of winter growth waxing was the answer to my problem.

The Andrea Brazilian Hard Wax kit is designed to be gentle enough for those more sensitive parts of your body as the wax adheres to the hair rather than the skin minimising the tug and possible damage to the skin.

I found it perfect to rid my legs of the winter fuzz that had built up over the last few weeks. The skin on my legs was a little parched from the change in weather as well as having been in contact with tights for extended periods of time.

The hard wax is perfect as you don’t need any cloth strips and the wax can be warmed up easily with only a microwave. I love  that easy to heat tub has a little handle that makes it easier and safer to handle. The Andrea Brazilian Hand Wax also comes with a Pre- Epilation Oil to help protect and prepare the skin for waxing.

wax2Using the wax is as simple as heating the tub in the microwave for 30 seconds, removing and stirring before returning to the microwave for 30 seconds until the wax is soft and creamy. Then using the supplied applicator run a small amount of the wax over the area to be waxed in the direction of the hair. Wait for the wax to cool and harden before removing it in one swift move opposite to the direction of the hair growth.

Youre left with soft and hair free skin for a number of weeks that is soft to the touch and ready to be bared at any given moment.




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