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Aint nobody got time for that! Its a modern day problem! Our lives are so jammed packed that we need all the time savers we can get our hands on! In the spirit of speed here is a super quick post to show you 5 products to save you time, and simplify your St Tropez in shower tan – Its coming! Imagine being able to apply tan right in the shower! There is quite a waiting list on this product as its rumoured to change the tanning world.  No more waiting to shower, dress and no more mess. Just apply in the shower and youre ready to go!


trilogyTrilogy do every thing cream ($15.95) Lipbalm? Check! Ointment? Yes! Dry skin moisturiser? absolutely! Even use it on your baby! This do everything balm can be used all over the face and body! Oh yeah!

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Bioderma Crealine (From $15.99)  Its a makeup remover, cleanser and toner in one. Totes useful for cleaning up stray mascara (who sneezes straight after applying? I do!)  Plus its french and is one of the most popular products sold worldwide!

nars multipleNars multiple  ($56) Soft blendable colour for anyhere on your face. The originals serve as a great highlighter, cream shadow and lip colour while the matte multiples are perfect for cheek and lip colour. Basically anywhere you can put makeup, you can Nars Multiple.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($25) – Its a staple, your nanna probably has a tube and is another one of those do any thing balms. Use it to smooth the frizzies, on rough elbows, dry patches and parched lips!


modelcoModelco  Lash + Line ($24) Liner and Mascara in one. One product that has two purposes so if you do your makeup on the run you only need one tube. New from Modelco the Lash + Line has a small, easily controlled liquid liner in the top and a volumising mascara in the tube!


And thats it! Off you go! Because Im sure there is something more important you need to be doing!!

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australis rapid tan
Australis Rapid Tan & No Glove No Love
November 08, 2015


M + K
Reply September 25, 2015

Eight hour cream! Yes! We bought a set for our mum a while back, but we've been using it too! It definitely lives up to the hype

M + K

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