Your Mother’s Day gift guide

Mothers day is just around the corner! Mothers Day is  one of those special days that all of us, regardless of beliefs and religions, come together as a family to celebrate special women (whether they are still with us or not) in our own special way.

Choosing a gift is hard though! When asked mums often reply with “nothing” or if you’re mum is a bit sassy like mine the question will often be answered with a clean your room/leave me alone/eat your vegetables.

So whether you have a Mum, Mom, Stepmother or Mummy (or two) put down the crepe paper and macaroni necklaces because Ive put together a list of products and gifts that are perfect for your special, one of a kind lady.

(Mums; leave this page open on your kids’ computers, email it to your partners and get it tattooed on your forehead and maybe someone will take notice (but most probably not!!)

The Makeup bag

Mothers are time poor! If they’re not running around looking after little ones they’re run off their feet being a taxi service so they need their beauty routine to be quick, easy and fuss free. On a daily basis makeup needs to be done in a matter of minutes so products need to be foolproof enough to be put on with one hand while brushing a toddlers teeth, arguing with a teenager and getting ready to go to work.

Rimmel’s latest offering; The Radiance BB cream can be put on in a flash, the super blendable BB cream can be applied with the finger tips or a beauty blender in a hot minute to give a radiant but natural looking finish that won’t make you look too “made up” while still providing good coverage.

We all know that brows really polish off a look but are often forgotten when we are in a rush. No brow product is quicker and easier than Gimme Brow from Benefit Cosmetics. The tiny little wand and thick formula works well to tame unruly brow hairs while adding a little more oomph to the brows. A simple swipe on each brow will add volume and keep your brows looking great as you rush for the door.

Add a quick coat of mascara (in the car) and a swipe of sheer lipgloss such as the Covergirl Colourlicious Lipgloss and the busiest day can be conquered.

A little makeup bag such as this one from Lulu & Lipstick filled with some of the products Ive mentioned above or some of her favourite makeup items can be a really thoughtful and appreciated gift. If you’re not sure of which shades she would like you can buy a few basics (such as the “do – everything” 101 balm from Lanolips) and then include a gift card for a department store or wherever you can locally purchase makeup.

The manicure set 

Mothers are busy and as such are often unable to get in to have their nails attended to on a regular basis. Nail maintenance can be done easily and cheaply at home. A little manicure kit contained in a small cosmetic pouch or decorative box can make a very thoughtful and useful gift.

Pale nail colours such as the iconic Bubble Bath from OPI or the newly released Do You do Lei Away are gorgeous neutrals which make nails look clean, and well taken care of. These shades look good with any outfit and because mum might not always be able to reapply as often as she would like to can go a little longer on the nails than bold colours as chipping and wear and tear will be less noticeable.

Another option is to purchase a home gel polish such as the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish which is a two step gel polish system which gives shiny results without the need for a UV light. Again in pale shades to help that mani go a little longer.

Pop a few manicure essentials such a nice hand cream such as the delicious Strawberry Hand Cream from The Body Shop, Some nail files and some quick dry drops such as these ones from Revitanail and she has all she needs to keep her hands and nails looking great.

The pamper pack


Mothers tend to look after every body else first and thus need to sometimes take time out and relax from their lives, so a pamper pack containing some beautifully scented products designed to cleanse and nourish the body and soul is a great idea. You can purchase small baskets from discount stores which make the perfect little packaging for bath and body products from her favourite brands.

The latest Limited Edition Fuji Green Tea range from The Body Shop is amazing. The range focusses on three ceremonies; Cleansing, replenishing moisture  and refreshing the senses. There are a range of products associated with each of the ceremonies including body washes, lotions and fragrances.

The entire range is beautiful and has a lovely herbal (tea like) fragrances that rivals some of the best spa blends I’ve ever experienced. Shower lovers  can choose from the body wash or exfoliating soap while bath lovers are really spoilt with a tin of bath tea complete with its own specially designed bath tea infuser (which looks just like the one you would use in your tea cup except larger. Other products include the fresh and cool smelling eau de cologne, body butter and scrub (pictured)

Accompany the bath and body products with a face mask such as the Tea Tree Face Mask, a loofah and scented candle from Dusk and you will have given mum everything she needs to have the most fun you can have with your clothes off (don’t think about that too much)

If you’re not so savvy with choosing products there are lots of ready made packs available from popular and reputable brands. Buying already made pack, while not as customisable as curating your own often is a lot more economical as companies offer them at discounted prices.


The LUSH Love you Mum gift pack is sure to keep mum happy, with three gorgeously fragranced products already wrapped up in a gorgeously bright gift pack. The pack contains the Helping Hands hand cream, A cute “love you mum” soap and one of their famous bath bombs and costs $22.90

You can add additional products such as shower gels and bubble bars (such as the cute mother superior bubble bar)to your order to create a lovely gift that your mum will enjoy.

The tech gift


Help mum to relax after a hard day with a subscription to the relatively new to Australia tv streaming network Netflix with plans from around ten dollars a month its significantly more affordable than traditional pay tv subscriptions, pair it with some noise cancelling headphones such as these super cute mint green BOSE on ear headphones and she can drown out the world around her and settle down for some bad tv.  You can package it up in a gift bag and throw in some packs of microwave popcorn for the ultimate tv entertainment gift.

Help mum keep track of all the family’s activities by signing up to a family organising program such as Cozi. Its available on many platforms and can help organise the family’s calendars, make shopping lists and create to do lists.

Take some time to carefully curate these gifts for your mum or the mother of your kids. She will notice and she will definitely appreciate it. If time and money is a little short something simple like sharing a meal and doing something nice like watching a movie together (let her choose for once) will go a long way in showing your appreciation for all the things she has done for you over the years.Happy Mothers Day!
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Katina Lindaa
Reply April 21, 2015

Great guide Rosa :)
My mum loves pamper packs hahah x

Reply April 22, 2015

Love the look of the Body Shop pamper pack! Fuji Green Tea sounds amazing. x

Daniela |

Reply April 24, 2015

Great suggestions! As a mum I would be thrilled to receive any of the above!

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