The ultimate kiss worthy lips

Valentines day is just around the corner and what more perfect time is there to get the most lush and kiss worthy lips around! Here is a quick round up of some of the best and some of the most hyped lip balms on the market at the moment

Mecca Cosmetica Lip De Luscious – $28

Buy it from – Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima
Smells like – marshmallows, actually no. smells exactly like milk bottle lollies
tastes like – nil
feels like – Smooth, melts onto the skin
Pros – that scent is delicious, feels good on the skin and is good for overnight mask
Cons – you need to dig the product out with fingers as its a little hard in the pot, expensive
Rating – Meh, ok, good, great! OMG!

eos Smooth Spheres $7.95

Buy it from – Costco Australia, Lipbalm land (online)
Smells like – Depends on the flavour, very pleasant scents.
tastes like-  Again depends on flavour but is sweet to taste
feels like – Quite a thin consistency, feels nice on the lips but not very long wearing
Pros – cute packaging, easy to apply, smell great, handy
Cons – very  little product, melts easily and warps, not long lasting, not the most moisturising
rating – Rating – Meh, ok, good, great! OMG!

Burts Bees Replenishing lip balm $6.99

Buy it from – Priceline, pharmacies, Target
Smells like – Fruity (pomegranate) with some herbal notes
tastes like- nil
feels like – light coating on the lips, a harder lip balm, lips feel plump afterwards
Pros – Handy tube, great for travel, affordable
Cons – needs frequent reapplying
rating – Rating – Meh, ok, good, great! OMG!

Nuxe Reve de Miel $19.99


Buy it from – Priceline
Smells like – Honey, with some herbal notes
tastes like- Nil
feels like – kind of thick and waxy at first, but then melts into the skin, feels very nourishing
Pros – longlasting, very moisturising, french!
Cons – expensive, pot is a little unhygienic
rating – Rating – Meh, ok, good, great! OMG!

BITE beauty Agave lip mask $33

Buy it from – Sephora Australia, Beautiful Because (online)
Smells like – sweet,
tastes like- nil
feels like – emollient and comfortable, very nourishing and exceptionally long lasting
Pros – easy to travel, amazing moisture, lasts all night, great results, VERY SOFT LIPS
Cons – Hard to track down, Expensive, tube is hard to squeeze in colder months
rating – Rating – Meh, ok, good, great! OMG!
Buy it from – Sephora, Strawerrynet
Smells like – sweet, floral
tastes like- sweet (contains real sugar)
feels like – quite thick on the lips, long lasting
Pros – beautiful packaging, tinted
Cons – very soft and melty ( i would not keep in my bag), almost impossible to get in Australia, highly overpriced, twisting the tube wrong can get it caught in cap (from experience) EXPENSIVE
rating – Rating – Meh, ok, good, great! OMG!


Buy it from – David Jones, Priceline
Smells like – fresh ripe peaches
tastes like- slight peach (maybe thats just the scent)
feels like – highly emollient, comfortable, a little slippery
Pros – amazing scent, handy for travel, multipurpose product, Australian made and owned, natural, a little tube goes a long way.
Cons – nil
rating – Rating – Meh, ok, good, great! OMG!


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