Dry winter lips? Carmex to the rescue!

carmex coverDropping temperatures, heating  and cold winds all play havoc on our skin throughout the colder months and the fact is that our lips seem to bare the brunt of the unavoidable drying factors in our environment.

Our lips don’t contain oil glands like the rest of our face and as a result they can get dry, cracked and chapped which can not only look rough but can be uncomfortable and even painful.

To prevent and treat damaged lips I rely on lip balms to provide protection, retain moisture and treat any problems that the cold, winter conditions may have caused. Im rarely without a tube or tub of the stuff in different flavours and formulas.

One of my favourites is a brand that has been around for as long as I can remember; Carmex!

carmex frverSince high school I remember purchasing and repurchasing the little Carmex tubs from the chemist and keeping them in my school bag to apply and reapply infront of the mirror in order to prepare myself for any possible kissing opportunities (mmmm nope)

The simple tubs of tingly balm have become a cult classic because of their no nonsense approach to beauty, affordable price point and hydrating formula. The tubs have been sold in the US since 1937 and generations of women have known that Carmex is an absolute must have to combat dry lips.

With lip friendly ingredients such as Lanolin, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Beeswax and Menthol, Carmex lip balm helps to soothe and nourish the delicate skin on your lips while also helping to create a barrier against further moisture loss and wind burn.

The slight menthol scent of the classic balm is so nostalgic for me as is the smooth and silky formula. Its quite different to other textures as its not thick or sticky but melts easily on the lips to coat them in a thin layer of product.


I was super excited to see that the Carmex line has expanded to include flavoured and tinted balms. Im a little obsessed with the wind up Carmex tubes which contain the same great formula (in two flavours) that you’re used to in the tub but in a handy  wind up tube. The tubes have a seriously satisfying and addictive (hello OCD tendancies) click mechanism which help the product move up and down easily eliminating the problem of it smooshing in the lid.  Im also loving the green tea Carmex balm in the squeezy tube which is super portable and contains a smooth applicator.

The Moisture Plus balms are super smooth and buttery and are a little thicker than the original formula and also contain sheer subtle colour to give you the look of makeup with the nourishing and hydrating properties of skincare.

Carmex balms are available from Leading Pharmacies, Priceline and Coles and Woolworths.

Please note that post was kindly sponsored by Carmex.


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