Bedside table skincare essentials.



There are some beauty essentials that always live on my bedside table. They’re my bedside table skincare essentials if you will. They’re the things I rely on to keep my skin at its best throughout the night. You probably know that night time is when the skin rests and restores itself. Im not talking life changing age reversing miracles ( I wish) but the time when our skin drinks up the moisture and gets itself ready for the next day of environmental stresses.

Here is what is currently on my bedside table. Id love to know what you deem as your bedside table skincare essentials.

The body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy sleeping mask.

My latest purchase from The Body Shop is a gel creme hybrid which keeps my skin so cool and moisturised over night. It quite a hefty jar and a little bit goes a long way. The texture of the creme is almost like that silly putty you may have had as a kid. Use the spatula to take a small amount and a chunk like void remains which somehow disappears by the time you use it again.


Christian Dior Creme de Rose lipbalm

I recently rephrased this very luxe and extravagant liable from Dior. It smells like fresh cut roses and leaves lips so smooth and supple by the morning. Used during the day on naked lips it imparts a subtle shine and soft pink tinge.


Bite beauty Agave lip mask

Another lip product, During winter in particular Im always applying lip balm nd this is another one that I love for night time. This lip balm is the only one that seems to last throughout the night and remains on the lips until the morning.

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye repair cream

For serious under eye hydration nothing works like this baby. Its thick and very rich and leave the under eye area softer and more hydrated ready for corrector. At about 90 bucks a pot its quite the investment but only the tiniest amount is needed to be effective.


Lanolips Rose Balm Intense Hand cream

For winter I need fairly drastic hydration for my hands. I love the scent of the Lanolips Intense Hand cream. Its another rose scented product and is so emollient and rich. For extra oomph I often apply it before putting on cotton gloves to soften my hands and cuticles.


Aveeno Skin Relief lotion

Lastly the Aveeno Skin Relief lotion helps to stop my elbows, knees and ankles turn reptilian during the winter. This lotion keeps hydrating for 24 hours and keeps the skin feeling super fresh and gets rid of that white ashy look on the surface of your legs.


So what are your bedside skincare essentials?


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Reply June 15, 2015

I love lanolips!!!! There so good for saving your lips especially when you put them on before you go to sleep, you wake up with soft supple lips!! Love your post! xx

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