Rimmel Sweetie Matte Nail Polish

Hands down the cutest nail polish release of 2015, The Rimmel Sweetie Matte Nail Polish collection contains four sugary pastel shades in an ultra matte finish that mimic the colours of our childhood.


Each of the fours shades is super pretty and soft and are perfect for Spring.
sweetie pink

Cheeky Girl is a super pretty, ballerina pink shade that looks lovely on tanned skin.  I applied to coats and the shade was entirely opaque. These are super matte and quick drying. A tip i would recommend is to make sure your nails are buffed and all ridges smoothed out as the matte finish tends to pick up any imperfections as you can see in the photo above.

rimmel sweetie yellow

Love bug was probably my favourite shade, the daisy yellow shade was so bright yet still wearable. This on applied the smoothest and as the rest dried incredibly quickly.

rimmel sweetie orange

You’re mine is a peachy shade which i will definitely be wearing into Summer. You can see what I mean about them catching ridges. To be fair my nails were in fairly bad shape after wearing false nails for a couple of weeks. 
rimmel sweetie blue


Cheeky chap is a gorgeous blue. Cornflower blue is the best way to describe it, its bright yet still pastel. This one was also a lot smoother than the others and was my second favourite after the yellow.

The shades have been named with sweetie heart inspired names, and special sweet thanks to Coty for sending these through with a giant bag of sweetie heart lollies (which i unfortunately enjoyed way too much)

rimmel sweetie collection 2The Rimmel  Sweetie Nail Polish collection is available in Priceline now and retail for $5.95


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