Quickie Galaxy nails ft OPI Comet in the sky

Hi there! Welcome back to Nail Week! Today I’m showing you my favourite nail polish of the moment Comet in the sky by OPI.

Comet in the sky is packed full of glitter. There are black pieces as well as iridescent pieces that shift in colour depending on the light and the shade used underneath. The combination of large hex pieces and smaller round glitter particles really help this to shine.


Its all suspended in a clear polish which is smooth and not gluggy and hard to use. To get maximum punch from the polish it needs to be dabbed onto the nail rather than the conventional strokes as this will help you to place the glitter evenly on the nail.
Top row – One coat of polish on bare nail, Bottom row – two coats of polish.


One coat gives a dotty effect (see above), two builds up intensity and three almost covers the entire ail in shifting colour. Its quite a pretty polish and looks great on its own or on top of other shades.
The polish comes into its own, when worn on top of a dark polish. A great galaxy or opal effect can be created by layering this over  dark blue or black polish as you will see below.To create the super luxe galaxy effect you will need

– A clear base coat
– a dark (preferably black)  polish. I don’t own a black so used this very dark grey called 4 in the morning.
– Comet in the sky
– toothpick

1. Start off with clean nails and apply a base coat such as this OPI natural nail base coat. This will prevent your nails getting stained by the dark polish

2. Apply one thin layer of the dark polish. You can certainly add a second coat if you want opaque black but  I’ve never bothered because once painted the glitter takes centre stage and you barely notice the undercoat.

3. Using a dabbing and patting motion apply glitter polish to the nail

4. Immediately after applying use a tooth pick to move the large hex glitters around the nail to evenly distribute them

5. Wait a few minutes and then apply a second coat and again use a tooth pick to fill in any spaces that are free from glitter.

You will notice that the glitter polish build up will leave your nails looking thick and gluey but once the top coat dries it shrinks back and looks great.

Clockwise – Finishes mani, Clear coat, dark polish and one coat of glitter polish
And voila! its done! Check out how pretty this mani looks in different lights.

Until tomorrow nail fiends!!

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