NailMania – The BEST OPI glitters

Hey there! Welcome to Nail week here on Lipstick ‘n’ linguine! To kick it off i thought we would start with a glitter bomb!!!  I love glitter topcoats and lacquers and in my opinion OPI do some of the best. Ive looked through my extensive collection and pulled out the ones that i think are the best of the best. Some of these are recent and others you might need to search online for as they were part of past collections. A few have been sent to me in the past but most were purchased by me.
All of the swatches you are going to see below are one “coat” of polish but have actually been applied with the dabbing method. That is the polish brush has been used on the side to pat the polish on the nail. For a more even application you would get great results with a second coat and by using something like a toothpick to move the glitter particles around.
Here we go.. don’t forget to let me know what your favourites are!
Save me
Save Me is a clear base containing medium sized bar glitter in holographic silver and blue. It also has heaps of small round silver glitter in there to make it almost opaque with two coats. This was part of the Nikki Minaj collection back in 2012 but can still be hunted down. was part of the Euro Central collection from 2013. Its a mix of light blue/teal, dark blue and pink/purple medium hex glitters in a clear base. It also contains micro blue and pink glitters. This looks great layered over blue and pink polishes.
Rose of light
One of my favourites. Rose of light followed the recent obsession with rose gold. This was part of the recent spotlight on glitter collection. This is a clear base with rose gold round glitters and larger square holographic particles.
Chasing rainbows
This was also part of the recent Spotlight on glitter collection. As the name suggests this is a multi coloured and multi size glitter polish in a clear base. The predominant colours are silver blue, orange and pink. So pretty and so sparkly.
Pink yet lavender 
This super pink polish was part of the 2013 Mariah Carey collection and remains one of my faves simply because of the amount of glitter payoff you get. It contains light pink hex glitter and small specs of lavender glitters.
Let’s do anything we want
Part of last years Muppets collection this glitter contains medium sized square white glitter particles and smaller pink and white glitter particles. This looks great over light pink polish.
Comet in the sky
Comet in the sky is one of my new faves! Part of the holiday Gwen Stefani collection. This polish has black and holographic glitters is multiple sizes and shapes. Its gorgeous on its own but really comes into its own on top of a dark polish to give an almost opal look to the nails.
Gaining Mole-mentum
This was another that was part of the Muppets collection in 2014. Its shredded glitter in gold and pink and looks like it would be really difficult to apply but on the contrary is a dream.  This one needs a clear top coat as some of the larger pieces of glitter tend to stick out.

Snow globetrotter

So elegant 

Id love to know which glitters are your favourites!

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Paige Mckinnon
Reply January 19, 2015

Glittery Nail Polishes are so festive and fun! ^ ^

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