What's the go with tubular mascara

 Those of us who live in humid weather, have oily skin, allergies or are chronic eye rubbers know the pain in the butt moment of checking yourself in the mirror and finding mascara smudging, slipping and flaking and giving you that telltale panda eyes look.
There is relief however for the aforementioned in the form of tubular mascara.
This relatively new type of formula is pretty much budge proof, come rain, tears and rubbing of eyes. 
The mascara doesn’t just tint your lashes but actually encases them in a long wearing product that does the same job as a normal mascara. 
I first bought a tubular mascara by accident a couple of years ago. I found it strange to take off, it would loosen from the lashes and come off in rubber like pieces rather than smudging onto the cotton pad like most eye makeup. 
These formulas are great for those who travel or don’t wear any other makeup as it saves you having to buy specialized makeup removers. Most formulas will actually come off simply with warm water.  When removing this type of product I generally wash face normally in the shower and splash some warm water on my eyes before wiping gently with a cotton pad and then picking off any remnants with my finger tips. 
I know of people who will actually wear their mascara for two days before removing it as it stays fresh until you choose to remove it (I don’t recommend this though as the once I tried it my eyes were irritated) 
These mascaras tend to be on the pricey side and they’re still not as widely available as the traditional kind but It’s so great knowing that you can be confident that the product will stay put that it may be worth the money for you.
Both Clinque and Blinc make mascaras with the tubular formula.
Have you tried this type of mascara? What did you think?
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