First impressions – Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush.

isnt it pretty!, but notice the amount of highlighter compared to actual pigmented blush?

Ok, so I caved. I had no intention of getting this as I have  more than enough shades of blush in every formula known to man, but I caved and so many people were showing it off on instagram and boasting how wonderful it was that I ordered it from Mecca Cosmetica. It arrived just under a week ago and I have been wearing it every day since to see what the fuss is ahout.

I ordered it in the shade dim infusion.

To say that I am underwhelmed is an understatement. Words like ethereal, seamless and photo-luminescence are used to describe this blush, I would use; powdery, subtle and soft. Am I alone in this?

Powdery is one word i would use to describe this product.

My product has a lot of the ambient powder in it and very few swirls of actual blush, when swatched (heavily) on my forearm it is washed out and barely visible.

Listen Im not after clown cheeks or anything but these totally lack pigmentation and give you more of a gold cheek that a rosey or corally one. The claim that it is seamless is right, but that’s only because of how lacking in any colour it is.

A heavy swatch of the product on my very very pale arm

My makeup is a little less is more to begin with and even I need more colour payoff than this.

Perhaps I just bought the wrong shade. I was after a lovely soft coral, but compared to something like Benefit’s coralista this is seriously lacking in any colour.

The packaging is gorgous, but beware it shows every makeuppy finger print worse than the NARS compacts.

This is not a bad blush, its just not what it promises to be,  it can be built up but it will look quite powdery because of how much you need to apply, I also found that it has quite a bit of fall out. from the brush and left on the pan.

I am going to continue to use it, perhaps it will work better for me as a highlighter..

Boo, I seriously hate giving negative reviews of things, and I wanted to like this so so much. Maybe my expectations were too high, maybe I am used to a certain level of quality. But these promised to be the bomb and they are no better than a milani baked blush, and I want a product that I paid $50 for to be better than a product  I can buy for about $15.

To say that I hate this is far too strong, but I am underwhelmed, I was hoping to be wowed!

Have you ever been left bitterly disappointed by a hyped up product?

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