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blinc mascara Tubular or tubing mascaras are not new with many high end brands such as Clinique having their own take on the formula. However, in my mind the original  and one of the best on the market are from the brand Blinc. Blinc cosmetics do a wide range of products from mascaras to eyebrow products and their tubing mascaras along with the lash primer are some of their best sellers.


If you’re not aware of what tubular mascaras are they’re a mascara that complete encases the lash, forming a tube around it which is sweat proof, water proof and eye rubbing proof. It performs similarly to a regular mascara until it is time to take it off. Removal is simple once you get the hang of it. To remove you use warm water to saturate the lashes before pulling and sliding the little tubes down the length of you lashes. The mascara then comes off in almost rubber like pieces which fan be a little scary looking the first time. The mascara tends to encase the entire lash rather than just paint the hair. blinc mascara


I was kindly sent the Blinc lash primer and Mascara Amplified to try out and loved it I must admit that I preferred the mascara over the primer but used together they added lots of length and volume to my lashes. I found that both the white primer and black mascara were both on the dry side which can be good or bad depending on your preference. Personally I like my mascara a little on the dry side as wet mascara and my sensitive blink reflect often don’t mix well. The products come in the cutest test tube like packaging and the tubes of mascara themselves are sleek and slimline. The brushes are the traditional bristle type and on the thicker side but aren’t too big that they’re messy.

For me, personally tubing mascaras are great as with my super oily lids and love for creamy concealers mascara cause smudgy panda eyes on a daily basis. A word of warning with these types of products. Be gentle with removing as tugging and picking at them when removing can cause some loss of lash hairs.

Blinc products are available for purchase on the Blinc website as well as instore at David Jones.

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Madeleine | The Daily Mark
Reply June 18, 2015

Wow I've never tried a tubular mascara, they sound awesome! I'll definitely have to take a closer look at Blinc! x
Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply July 1, 2015

    Its great for people like me who have oily lids and wear lots of product under their eyes. I seriously get smudging from the mot water proof products. But this always works for me!

Reply June 22, 2015

Never heard of tubular mascaras, but the concept sounds very original!

Daniela |

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