Products I regret buying!

Every now and then we get sucked in by the pretty pictures and the hype and fork over our hard earned dollars and cents and buy something that we later regret.
Here are a couple of mine.
1. Dior 5 colour eyeshadow, Moonbeam.
This was purchased about 6 years ago (infact I bought it on the day I first met my husband) I have barely used it and it was a complete waste of money.
I had gone to a Dior master class held in the David Jones City store and was offered a wide range of products after the class for a very (very) slight discount. I chose the Diorliner, which I absolute adore to this day, some foundation and this palette.
It was an expensive mistake. While in the pan the colours look beautiful and shimmery in reality they are not all that wearable. I found them powdery with substantial fall out and unless you packed the colour on it just looked shimmery white.
I tried to like it.. I really did, maybe If my makeup skills were more substantial then I could have made it work. But any way… I guess I should throw it out.. but at over $90 I just cant bring myself to. It just sits at the back of my eyeshadow collection mocking me with its iconic blue translucent packaging.
2. Benefit cosmetics, Some kind-a gorgeous
I actually still refuse to believe that this product was actually made by benefit! It just so unwearable and bad! I cant say anything good about this product other than the packaging is cute.
Its a greasy mess that accentuates every pore, never sets and slides right off the face. YUCK
I actually hated this product so much that I started a makeupalley account just to review it. For goodness sakes I emailed benefit to tell them how bad it was (secretly hoping that they would offer to refund my money – nope)
I’ll let my MUA review say it all.
“This is the only Benefit product I have ever bought that I have HATED! I just don’t get how this could be good. ( and I have A LOT of their collections and love everything I have ever bought with the exception of porefessional – but that’s just “meh” rather than hate)
I have combination skin with some occasional dry patches just above and below my mouth. This product clings like nothing else making these spots look horrendous. The sponge it comes with puts the product on too thickly and does not blend well. it gives me a chalky “cake face” appearance with the smallest amount of product. If you blend it very (VERY) well it can look ok from a distance but as soon as you look at yourself in the mirror you can see the product sitting on the skin, settling into any imperfection.
I have used this on top of porefessional, smashbox primer, bare face and on top of oxygen wow foundation – same horrible results every time. I even checked out youtube to see if I was applying incorrectly.
I will most likely de pot this product and THROW IT AWAY and put something else in the compact which is the only redeeming feature of this product.
I wish I was in the US where you can return products to stores like Sephora but alas I bought the product directly from the benefit website and their response to my feedback was “We have forwarded your feedback to our product development team for further consideration.”
As I sat here and type this out I decided to stick my finger into the pan to swatch it and I immediately remembered what a terrible product it is.. a greasy, slimy mess.
3. Make up forever, High definition powder.
I know this one will be controversial as MUF has such loyal fans. I blame YouTube for this one. I saw it talked about so often and hyped so much that I gave my Paypal a beating my sourcing this from the US via Ebay.
This was going to be my HG product, I would use it to set my makeup every day and we would live happily together for the rest of our lives. WRONG.
Regardless of how little of this product I apply it always, always, always casts white shadows in photos and makes me look like a ghost. Remember those photos of Nicole Kidman a few years ago with that white powder on her face.. yep.. that’s it.
You can actually see what I’m talking about in the photo below. To the naked eye there is only the slightest amount of powder visible, as soon as a flash is involved you can see every molecule. This is what happens on the face.
The other thing I wasn’t sold on was the weird sifter thing which kind of reminded me of a trampoline.. I never seemed to be able to get the right amount of product on the brush.
Its funny that all the things I have regretted buying are on the higher end of the scale rather than “drugstore” brands. I guess its got something to do with expectations that we hold on those products that cost us so much of our money.
What do you regret buying?
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