Clinique Australia hears my calls!!

Two weeks ago I posted the following photo on Instagram praising Clinique on their beautiful formula and gorgeous shades of  ” A different nail varnish” but lamented the lack of availability in Australia.

Well here it is two weeks later and looky what I found in my local Myer during a sneaky browse through the beauty section last Thursday night!

Theyre here! I took a covert little snap or two which the lady at the counter looked at me dissaprovingly.  There seems to be a pretty limited release of colours, these 9 are the only ones I could see anywhere and they had no  labelling other than what you see in the picture.
The 9 colours that are present look divine! Bold and bright with a couple of neutrals thrown in for good measure.

These beauties are priced at $21 each which is only a dollar more than OPI retails here but the bottle seems smaller than the OPI.

Im a little concerned that Clinique seem to be slipping in terms of letting us all know about these goodies. I am on the Clinique mailing list having bought product from their online store over the years and I didn’t receive any correspondence about either these or the Cheek pop blushes that were there on display.

If I hadn’t of been in store I wouldn’t have known these even existed. The only new product I have seen promoted lately are the colour correcting primers and that was a simple email a few months ago.

Browsing through the website I cannot find the polishes listed anywhere for sale. The US site has a category called “lips and nails” while the Australian only has “lips”

This seems to be the quietest release ever. I hope these stick around cos I would love to try a few more colours!

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