A smokey eye first attempt

Here is a dirty little secret… I suck at eyeshadow! Well, I feel like a suck at eyeshadow! In reality I’m probably not that bad at it but I tend to stick to neutral eyes or a wash of cream shadow (think color tattoo; barely branded) and red/pink lips because lips are so much quicker and easier to do well  plus I get super paranoid that my eyeshadow isn’t properly blended and I will end up looking like a clown.
But having recently invested in (quite) a few eye palettes recently I thought it was high time I put the fear of failure behind me and give eye contouring and shadowing a go!
On a daily basis I have been using my too faced natural eye palette to contour my eye using the lightest combo on the set. I love how these palettes are designed to be fool proof. I have found the shadows easy to use, super blendable and soft and really pretty on the eye. The cards that come with the palette show you how to combine the colours and are really simple!
But the other night I was inspired by a smokey eye bobbi brown competition to give something darker a go!  I tried a smokey neutral eye. That is.. Using neutral shadows a little more heavy handed to create the “smokey” look.
I created this look using the stila “in the light” palette which has a gorgeous mix of matte, shimmery and sparkly shades. I found all of them, but one (kitten) super blendable and easy to use. I was surprised that their ever popular shade kitten was a bit chunky and powdery. This palette also came with instructions of how to create six looks. I kind of stuck to them (but not really, I am after all a bit of a rebel)
So this was my first attempt, and while it is far from perfect or professional looking it did help me to overcome my fear of eyeshadow.. So much infact that I went out and bought the Smokey Eye palette from Too Faced the day after!! I’m still a little intimidated by the colours in the pan but give me a few weeks and I’ll be rocking a smokey eye like no one else.

Stila “in the light” Too Faced “natural eye” and the balm “nude’tude” palettes

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