Australis Rapid Tan & No Glove No Love

australis rapid tanPale girls unite! Finally there is an affordable, customisable self tanner from the drugstore that promises even, speedy tanning at home without the tell tale orange staining and streaks.

Australis Rapid Tan ($22.99) is mousse based tanner that is customisable to your preferences or skin tone.  The depth of your tan depends on the length of application. If you’re like me and prefer a very natural looking tan you can achieve it in as little as one hour, which is awesome for those who leave things to the last minute or who cant stand waiting around with sticky tan on your skin. Leaving the product on for two hours results in a medium tan, while three hours results in a darker, deeper tan.

Lets talk about that scent though! The Australis Rapid Tan is chocolate scented, which eliminates that horrible chemical smell that other products have and fills your bathroom with a sweet chocolatey scent.

The tan has a warm chocolatey guide colour which is essential to help those who are a bit of a novice (me!) in getting nice, evenly blended colour without missing any spots!

I found that the tan worked quickly, was as streak free and even as its more expensive counterparts and didnt crack or rub off quickly.

The formula is triple moisturising with vitamin E, aloe vera and fruit extracts.

no glove no loveThe new Australis No Love No Glove set  ($22.99) is a multipurpose tanning glove set including an exfoliating glove ( I love this one) to be used prior to tanning, a large tanning mitt and a smaller facial tanning mitt.

The mitts are quite thick (think almost a scuba like material) and good quality in relation to some much more expensive mitts and help to disperse and buff the tan evenly in the skin.

Australis Rapid Tan and No Love No Glove are available from Priceline and at time of publishing are at a special introductory price of under $14 each.

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