Australis AC on tour palette

Here she is ladies! After months of being sold out at retailers around the country cosmetics company Australis’ answer to the contour palette is now available again in stores but is running off the shelves at record speed.

I thought I would share my thoughts with you on this highly sought after palette to help you make your decision about whether you should pick this bad boy up or keep on walking down that aisle.

First up the packaging, the product is housed in a standard black, sleek palette. Its a little cheap in the way that it feels but at its low price point its not something that i was all togther worried about.

There are clear instructions on the back of the palette on a sticker and it shows step by step how to get that very popular chiseled and defined look.


The palette contains 6 pans of powder  and boasts a very reasonable 21g of product which is slightly more than it s more expensive high end counterpart (abh contour palette)There are three highlight shades and three contour pans in various shades.

Shade 1 is a great shade to use as a setting powder and could be easily replaced with a product such as the Fresh and Flawless powder. Its soft to the touch, matte and fairly pigmented and finely milled.

Shade two is the classic banana shade which is great for girls who have olive toned complexions. Again it has a lovely texture and is completely matte. A swatch picks up plenty of product.
Shade 3 isn’t 100% matte, it has a slight (very slight) sheen to it and is the one that looks most like a highlighter and looks gorgeous on the top of the cheekbones. This is the softest of the pans but all of these powders are so soft and pigmented that the feel almost creamy. Swirling your finger in the pan picks up enough product to provide almost full coverage.

No filters or editing have been used int he photo below so you can see the exact shades, I hope you can also see the texture of these powders.


Now onto the contour shades.
Shade 4 and 5 are quite similar with shade 5 being slightly cooler toned than shade 4, both mimic the soft buttery feel of the highlight shades. Shade 6 is similar in texture but is a much warmer shade.

In order, shades 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 (corresponds with the shades in the pans below)

Im loving using all the shades of the highlights, but using the banana shade the least as its a little yellow for my pink to neutral toned skin. In the contour shades i find the middle (coolest toned) shade to be my favourite however all the shades cane used to create some shading and dept to under the cheekbones.

I think if you’re a novice to the contour world or like me you don’t think you will use contour palette all too often I really recommend this. At $16.95 its an amazing quality product for less than most lipsticks.

Have you picked up the palette? What are your thoughts?


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Reply March 23, 2015

40% off at Priceline at the moment too!

Tori Jones
Reply March 25, 2015

I love this palette! I use the banana colour under the eyes as it really covers up darkness well.

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