Wrinkles Schminkles; wrinkles be gone!

While we spend a good amount of time focussing on signs of ageing on our faces, we often neglect looking after the skin on our body. The skin on our chest is often the first to show signs of ageing with lines, loss of elasticity and spots can occur on this are of our body and for good reason.

wrinklesWe often fail to extend our skincare down far enough even though the skin on our chests are just as delicate as our faces. While we wear a SPF in or under our daily makeup few people wear sunscreen on their chest and if you think about it unless you’re wearing turtle neck some part of your chest or décolletage is exposed on a daily basis.

Those of us who sleep on our side are especially at risk of developing lines on our chests as gravity does its thing.

Never fear lots of brands are coming up with products to help minimise the look of wrinkles.

One such brand is Wrinkles Schminkles who have created a range of silicone products to help smoothen skin on the face and décolletage.

wrinkles3At first glance the heart shaped silicone pad doesn’t seem like it contains any product but is just sticky. However after showering and applying it at bedtime my chest felt mysteriously smooth in the morning. The pad is multi use and made the skin feel and look silky, moisturised and smooth. The silicone itself works to physically prevent creasing and provide moisture to the affected areas with the same technology that helps to protect and smooth out scars after surgery. The pad is easily washed and as mentioned can be used up to thirty times.

Smoothing results lasted a few hours after removing the pad and while there was a little redness after removing the sticky pad there was no irritation or long lasting redness. The physical properties of the silicone restricts the creasing of skin throughout the night and thus prevents wrinkles.

What a great idea!


The chest smoothing kit retails for just under $40 and can be purchased directly from the website and from selected retailers.

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