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For years I have avoided applying oils to my skin in the fear that i would break out because.. Oily skin is bad right? Wrong! Natural oils along with collagen are what keep our skin looking youthful, nourished and supple throughout the years.  If you need proof look at how flaky, lined and aged your skin looks when it is dry and stripped of its natural oils by over cleansing, harsh chemicals or environmental factors.  Those of you with naturally oily complexions might complain about shininess, break outs and problems with makeup but in the long run rest assured that your skin will look more youthful for longer than your dryer skinned sisters.

Beauty oils whether you use them for cleansing, treating or nourishing the skin have really emerged as a new frontier in beauty over the last 24 months. They can be used by all skin types and have many reported benefits. By using beauty oils you can actually TRICK YOUR SKIN into producing less natural oils. Weird huh!? By keeping your skin topped up with plant based oils your skins natural sebum production can slow down as the sebum is just not needed in such large quantities 

Personally, with my often sensitive and dermatitis prone skin I find oils to be a wonderful substitute for lots of my regular products. When my skin does flare up I try and use as few products as possible and almost solely use oils for cleansing and moisturising.


I tend to stay away from blended oils as some of the carrier oils in products can be cheap and petroleum based and stick to single origin (ie there is only one ingredient listed) and try and buy organic.
Depending on your skin concerns you might use one or many of these oils in conjunction with your regular skin care routine to add some extra moisture and nourishment for your skin.
The key to using oils to benefit your skin is removing the dirt and excessive sebum (your skins natural oils) and replacing them with naturally made, single origin oils such as some of the products I will list below.
Coconut oil

When my skin is on the verge of or in the middle of  a bout of dermatitis  I turn to coconut oil as a super gentle and nourishing cleanser. It will remove waterproof and longwear makeup as well as the days grime.  I apply a liberal amount of coconut oil (warm the solid oil in your hands during winter, it will melt pretty quickly) to my face and use my fingers to massage it into my skin. I then use a face washer dampened with warm water to remove the oil and then repeat the process. The face washer will remove the majority of the oil as well as the dissolved makeup. A small film of coconut oil will be left on your skin making your skin looking and feeling super moisturised. While there are lots of specialty products i simple use this Macro organics type from Woolworths

Tea Tree oil

If like me you suffer from pesky spots or even full blown acne you might think that applying oil could be the worst thing possible. But there are natural oils available that can assist in controlling or minimising blemishes. Tea Tree Oil such as this one from Thursday Plantation has strong antibacterial properties that when applied as a spot treatment can work to shorten the life of your pimples and help stop infection.  Tea Tree Oil is also thought to promote healing. Many natural acne products contain tea tree oil. Be sure to read instructions and use this oil sparingly as it is quite powerful


Rose Hip oil

Often when my skin is extra dry I will add a “boost” to my normal moisturiser by adding a drop or two of Rose Hip oil. This product is rich in natural vitamins and essential fatty acids and will intensely moisturise the skin. It has also been found to help lessen the appearance of scars (much like a leading oil except that one is mineral oil based) and effective in helping accelerating the fading of stretch marks. Rose Hip oil can be applied directly to the skin, mixed with moisturiser or added to a spray bottle of water (shake vigorously) as a cooling and moisturising mist during the day. The one i am currently from Trilogy using has added Antioxidant ingredients but i also often use this Sukin pure Rosehip Oil


Argan oil


Argan oil was the wonder product of 2013, predominantly in hair products. Extracted from the Argan nut grown in Morocco this oil was touted as the do everything hair product and lots of haircare companies included this ingredient in their products. But did you know that this oil in its purest form can also be used as a moisturiser? Applied in a thin layer in place of or in addition to your normal moisturiser Argan oil feels light but nourishing. I love using this in the summer as it is lighter than other oils and gives my thirsty skin a drink overnight. I use this product from ECO Aroma

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a little bit of a wonder oil. First things first its actually not an oil but a liquid wax that is extracted from the Jojoba tree seed. Secondly its non comedogenic which is a fancy way of saying that it doesn’t build up in your pores and should not cause blackheads or pimples. It is also the “oil” that is most like our own skins oil in structure and properties. I use this one quite liberally on my arms and legs paying special attention to the back of my heels, knees and elbows. By using this after my shower I find that it works to lock in lots of moisture and leaves me with super soft skin. The Jojoba company make some great products that are suitable for sensitive skin.


You should know that a couple of these products have been sent to me for my consideration and have now become part of my long term skincare routine.

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