Lush new balms for on ma lips!

My lips are rarely far away from some balm. There are so many formulations and types available! Here are a few newbies I have gotten my hands on lately. They’re all at different price points and this post proves that more expensive doesn’t always mean better!!

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop


Has anyone else seen these in their local supermarkets? I almost squeeled with delight when I saw this Maybelline baby lips in Coles the other night. Who cares you might think! Well me! These are in the rarely seen Lipstick style packaging that we don’t see here in Australia. Add to that they’re more pigmented than the regular  baby lips and we are onto a winner. I hope lots more shades are released soon!
I bought the shade Pink Shock which in the tube looks like a bright pink. On the lips it give a gorgeous wash of pink colour comparable to a revlon lip butter that looks and smells delicious. The scent is a deliciously sweet  scent that is not overpowering but noticeable on the lips when you first apply.


Little Bird Organic Paw Paw Balm


I love Paw Paw ointment and slather it on all sorts of places from my lips to cuticles and dry, scaly spots. I was disapointed to find however, that my regular and beloved (and most popular) paw paw product is actually made up of mostly petroleum jelly (Vaseline) This discovery last week sort of make me feel ripped off.
I know that lots of people use Vaseline and other petrochemical based balms but I generally try and stay away and feel like a  product that has such a natural and clean vibe to it should have the main ingredient more clearly labelled.
Anyway rant aside, during the week I came across this cute little tube of Little Bird Paw Paw balm that is based on natural oils and waxes such as Castor and coconut oils. I loved the handy little tube and the fact that it came in a couple of different scents. I picked up the pink grapefruit scent and was pleasantly surprised at the subtle and fresh scent of the product. This has made it into my handbag and won’t be moving for a while! I recommend you check it out if you come accross it. I purchased mine from Coles.
Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-luscious Overnight Lip Conditioner


A little while ago I decided that my constantly swatched lips needed a little more TLC and thought that the best time to hydrate my kisser was at night while I get my *ahem* beauty sleep. So I headed into Mecca Cosmetica and purchased this little pot from their self branded collection and was super excited to bring this home to trial.
The little pit of pink, translucent balm cost a whopping $32 but I didn’t mind so much as it claimed to give me super supple and soft lips in the morning (you’re welcome husband!) on opening it I noticed the delicious scent which can be best described as marshmallow but definitely reminds me of those white squishy milk bottle Lollies.
While the balm smells  good on my lips im a little disappointed in the results. I don’t really feel like it was any more hydrating or nourishing than my little tube of paw paw ointment. A couple of times that I used the product I actually woke up with really dry feeling lips which made me make a major cranky face. This is one that i definately won’t repurchase.Although i purchased this not too long ago it seems to have changed name? and colour? Im not sure whats going on there, perhaps they have changed the formula to make it more hydrating. The Mecca website is showing the pink balm as the SPF product and the white as the over night “treatment” as opposed to my pink balm which is labelled as overnight lip “conditioner”

Lanolips 101 Fruities, Peach


Of course I was going to include one of the new fruity scented additions to my favourite do-anything product; the 101 ointment from Lanolips. I was so happy when this was offered as a gift with a magazine as I was going to purchase it anyway. This is the same amazing al natural formula just with the added bonus of a yummy scent. I will definately be purchasing this in the apple variety also!
If you haven’t tried anything from this Australian company I beg you to give it a go. The 101 ointment is great for lips and cuticles and 99 other uses.
And that’s all for today’s installment in the Lipjunkie series. Leave me a comment below to let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them!


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