Shanghai Suzy 2014 S/S collection

Miss Mia, Miss Courtney, Miss Christina, Miss Bree and Miss Ally.

If you’re into the Australian beauty scene (or just have lots of aussie girls on your Instagram feed) you may have seen lots of hype around the Melbourne based lipstick brand Shanghai Suzy. In fact if you’re a regular reader of this blog then you will have seen that I gave a bit of an end of season shoutout to the autumn/winter shades only a couple of weeks ago.

Shanghai Suzy released their spring/summer collection very recently and I picked up 5 shades that were just yelling my name. I apologise that my swatches aren’t great as they were done in a rush so I could return to my sick bed (who gets the flu in the first week of Spring!? I do!) and my skin is looking all sorts of dry and flaky. I had promised a few ladies that they these swatches would be up this evening.. So  here they are! My top pics! I hope you like them!

Miss Mia – Foxy Hibiscus.

Miss Mia is gorgeous, in my view it’s the most pigmented and creamiest of the lot. It’s worth mentioning that all lipsticks in this collection are matte but not at all drying. Miss Mia is a gorgeous bright red,  with touches of dark pink in there which makes this shade super wearable and pretty.  This is the last one I swatched and was super tired and ready to just face plant by now.


Miss Ally – Amethyst
Oh so purple! This is the purpliest lipstick I own, it’s not your run of the mill pinkish (radiant orchid) purple but a gorgeous deep shade. This lipstick is is slightly less pigmented than the rest, and goes on with medium sheerness but this seems to be a good thing with this super bright shade as it might be a touch overpowering and messy otherwise. I love that a simple swipe of the lipstick gives a great wash of colour but when built up gives an intense pop! I love this shade and can’t wait to put together a look with it.
Miss Courtney – Electric Flamingo
Wowee! If you thought Candy yum yum by MAC was bright then think again. This amazingly bright pink lipstick is surprisingly wearable!  Again this shade is matte but amazingly smooth and noroushing. This would look amazing paired with a really simple eye and hairstyle. So.. So.. Bright and beautiful!!!
Miss Bree – Pink Blush
Miss Bree is a gorgeous light to mid toned pink that is super wearable and flattering on the lips. I wore this out yesterday and it was really long lasting but not drying at all! This pink is probably best described as an *almost* nudish pink on me but this will depend on your skin tone
Miss Christina – Neon Guava
Miss Christina is so so creamy and pigmented and is almost completely opaque with just one swipe. This is a gorgeous spring shade as it’s a gorgeous bright coral colour!
And there we are! I hope these swatches give you a better idea about which shades would suit you. I really can’t recommend this brand enough to you all as they’re amazing quality and so, so reasonable priced at $12.95 each.
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Reply September 15, 2014

ooo! I am after a new pink lipstick and will 100% go and buy this one - its amazing and so fairly priced. Thanks for sharing! Bec x

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