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There are some brands which seem to get a while lot more hype on the internet than others, we hear so much about them as YouTubers sing their praise endlessly. One such brand is Morphe,  Once known as Morphe Brushes, the popularity of the brands makeup offerings have meant that they are known as Morphe Cosmetics.


Morphe Cosmetics are a brand that are powered by social media. Big name influencers such as Jaclyn Hill have been long time users and promoters of the brand. While Im not insinuating that big names in the beauty industry would put their name to something they didnt actually use, it sometimes seems strange that with all the best of the best that these personalities are often gifted they tend to recommend a brand which is so affordable and in fact a private label brand.

So with this in mind I parted with some of my hard earned cash and purchased a number of brushes and the popular Morphe 350s palette.

You will have to watch the video below to see my entire thoughts of the palette and brushes but know that there were some pleasant surprises in the package as well as some elements that lacked quality.



While I feel that one palette isn’t a clear indication of the whole range, I feel it is a good start. I can really only discuss the 350s palette in terms of quality and performance.

The 350s contains 35 shimmer tones in mostly warm, earthy colours. there are a few shades leaning towards the more neutral or cool spectrum but most sides include a warm coppery undertone. I found that some of the shadows were exceptionally pigmented and the bright metallic payoff indicated that quite a lot of mineral oil is included in the formula while others were so chunky (see the pale gold shade above) that it was hard to get a smooth result without chunks flaking off. And then there were some that switched really well but tended to be dusty and muddy on the lid.


Having said that, there definitely is a place for these shadows, beginners on a low budget or those trying to build a kit will love the range of brights and while some shades are difficult they’re not impossible. You can achieve a nice look with these shadows, they just take a little more effort than others, high quality shadows.

I purchased the Morphe 350s from Makeupnet
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Reply September 28, 2016

Great review. I have heard from other people that the shadow quality is a little inconsistent; some are amazing while some are very poor. I find that I never like using massive palettes either because they are too much of a hassle to get out in the morning rush.

Emma | Rosy Disposition

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply October 13, 2016

    Exactly! If you want a palette where you will love and use almost every shade then this is not it.

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