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When it comes to skin care im a big believer that Natural is best.  Whenever possible I try and eliminate nasties such as artificial colours, fragrances, sulfates and phosphates from my routines. Its not always easy and sometimes (just as with food) it costs more to be healthier. So in the spirit of making your hard earned dollars go as far as they can, here is a rundown of skincare products that are beneficial to the skin while also giving you bang for your buck. This is not an exhaustive list of natural skincare options but just a short list of products that I use and enjoy and would happily recommend to my friends.

Please note that products marked with an asterisk were provided to me at no cost but rest assured that this has not shaped my views on the products.

Shower time!

The three items everyone needs in the shower include a great shampoo, conditioner and a body wash or soap.

Shampoo and Conditioner – Alchemy by purist

Approximately $15 each Available at Priceline, selected pharmacies and department stores

Shampoos can hide all manner of nasties that can affect everything from your skin to your eyes, one such ingredient is the dreaded SLS which has caused me no end of problems over the years. Alchemy shampoos do not contain SLS so is safe for those of us that have issues with dermatitis. I really enjoy the wide range of shampoos and conditioners in this line and found that most of them not only do a great job of keeping your locks healthy but also smell amazing as they use essential oils such as ylang ylang and orange oils. I also really appreciate that the range includes unscented products for those with sensitive noses or issues with particular scents.  I find that these products are not as hydrating as other shampoos and conditioners and do find that they work best when I use them alongside a heavier conditioner or treatment.

Body wash – Sukin Botanical body wash

Approximetely $12 for 500ml Available from Priceline and selected pharmacies

I love a gorgeously sweet smelling body wash however have had trouble finding one that does not contain SLS or artificial fragrances. Enter Sukin, with their signature Lavender and citrus smell this body wash gets the job done with little fuss! I love the pump pack because lets face it, picking up plastic bottles with wet hands can be a hassle and the fact that this product contains  jojoba, avocado and rosehip oils while eliminating sulphates, harsh detergents, petro-chemicals, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, parabens means that it’s a winner in my book!

Saving Face


I learned the hard way that sometimes less is more when it comes to lotions and potions for your face. To this day I still react to many face creams and serums and find that if I use anything other than my tried and tested products I can be sure to wake up with a good old bout of perioral dermatitis that lasts for at least afterwards.

Avoiding heavy creams, complicated ingredients and heavily perfumed products has helped me to minimise the issue.

Cleanser – Sukin Cream cleanser and foaming facial cleanser.

Approximately $10 for 125ml Available from Priceline and selected pharmacies.

As with shampoos finding cleaners that do not contain sulfates is quite difficult, particularly if you like a product which lathers or foams. Before the Sukin foaming facial cleanser I had stuck to cream cleansers or milks for the longest time. The Sukin foaming facial cleansers is similar to the body wash in consistency and fragrance but adds the goodness of chamomile, aloe vera, witch hazel and green tea with macadamia and evening primrose oils to purify and balance your skin.

The cream cleanser is my go to product to use with my Clarisonic, The thick consistency allows the bristles to buff my skin without any harsh scratching and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisterised.

Masks and exfoliating – The jojoba company EE cream*

$39.95 for 80ml Available from  Selected Pharmacies

Don’t be fooled by the name into thinking that this is a makeup item. This red tube contains a rich, clay based  Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant. The beauty with this product is that it can be used two different ways depending on your needs (and how much time you have) The simplest way to use this product is to apply to a dampened face and gently use  circular motions to buff the skin letting the Jojoba beads do their work before washing off with warm water. If you’re feeling a bit luxurious or are having a particularly “bad skin” week you can also use this as a face mask. The base of ivory clay not only hydrates but also helps draw out excess oil – Apply to damp skin as above but leave for 15 minutes or until the clay looks dried and then remove with a washcloth and warm water.

This product smells amazing, think sandalwood, lavender and Sweet almond oils. I recommend that you use this product at night time only as with my sensitive skin I have experienced some redness and tingling afterwards which is gone by morning

 The jojoba company products contain no harmful detergents, chemicals or parabens and do not contain SLS, parabens or mineral oils.


Organic Virgin Coconut oil

Available from most Supermarkets and health food stores.

I have been raving about this miracle product for quite a while, Coconut oil is a pure single origin product which has been used by generations of women in India to nourish the hair and skin. In the west we have only recently jumped on the bandwagon to this amazing, multi purpose product.  A jar of coconut has a multitude of uses, not only in the kitchen but in the bathroom as well; Use it as a hair mask, facial moisturiser, makeup remover and for oil pulling. Not only is is super moisteriing but it is cheap as chips and makes you smell like an island goddess.

Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Approximately $13 for 10 ml

Available at David Jones and selected Pharmacies.

 Rose Hip oil is a little boost for your skin, It is said to help minimise wrinkles, even out skin tone, reduce appearance of scars, moisturise and soothe dry skin and balance out oily skin. There are many people who avoid using oils on their skin as they are afraid that it will made them even oilier and break out. Infact the opposite is true. By stripping your skin of its natural oils your skin is encouraged to product more oil to compensate. By adding good, clean oils to your skin you will actually discourage your skin from producing sebum as it does not need it.  

Moisturiser – Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturiser and Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream*

Approximately $15 each, available from Priceline and selected supermarkets.

This moisturiser and its corresponding night cream are amazing value for money. The hefty sizes will last you a long time.  I was sent these for my consideration and was really impressed at the quality for the price. The creams contain Vitamins B,C and E and feel incredibly light on the skin. They smell clean and fresh and this adds to their light feel. While these are great for me during summer I feel like they may be a bit light for when my skin is dryer in winter but would be perfect for those who have oilier skins. I would definitely repurchase these as the price and size make them too good to pass up.

MooGoo Full cream

Approximately $18 for 270 gms

Available online and from selected pharmacies

Those who use MooGoo swear by it. This line of creams was developed by those in the dairy industry and was modelled on the creams that were used on the milking cows’ udders to keep them supple and soft. This cream is so gentle and I use it every day when I am suffering from my Perioral dermatitis as it just feels nourishing. This is the creamier version of the cream ( a lighter lotion is also available) and a whole line of creams are available. The only thing that I don’t like about this cream is that it does tend to leave a bit of a powdery, dull finish to your skin, so I don’t recommend it if you are not planning on wearing makeup on top.  With Sweet Almond Oil,
   raw Coconut Oil, pasteurised honey and Apple Cider Vinegar this cream has many skin nourishing properties and also smells super sweet and lovely.
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