First impressions – Benefit The Big Easy

love the packaging, leave it to benefit to come up with cutest packaging possible.

To BB or not to BB that has been my question since the emergence of Beauty Balms onto the market in Australia.

To me the whole idea of the BB cream was not a new one and a lot of the “new” products were just repackaged tinted moisterisers.

But Benefit holds a special place in my heart and so when they released their version of the BB cream “The Big Easy ” it was a big easy decision #sorrynotsorry

I generally love Benefit and everything they do, their products tend to work for me with the exception of two products; The porefessional primer (which breaks me out like nothing else) and Some-kinda-gorgeous (see my review of that here)

I tend to have a problem with anything they do that have a liquid/crème to powder formulation. They tend to make me break out and super dooper shiny and greasy.

I bought The Big Easy in the second lightest shade as well as a sample size in shade no1 just to try it out. Shade no 2 is perfect for me, once blended with my fingers it all but disappears.

There are a couple of problems though. I found that just like Some-kinda-gorgeous this product tended to stick to and clog up any areas that had dry skin, even though I had just moisterised and primed. It emphasized anything that was already wrong with my face.  At first it make me look really flakey and dry and then .. Well.. You’ll read about it soon.

  Secondly the product tended to pool in my pores on the end of my nose so that if you looked at me closely my nose looked like it had polka dots all over it. I had the classic strawberry nose look. I don’t even generally have large pores. But this product made it look that way.
The last issue I had is that it turned me into a shiny greasy mess within an hour of wear, and it hasn’t even been all that hot! Every time I’ve worn it I’ve come away looking like I’ve just come back from the tropics. A hot mess with a melted face!

even the slightest dry spot meant that the
product cakes up and emphasised it.

The coverage wasn’t enough for me but I think this would be a problem regardless of what brand I used. THis would provide perfect coverage for someone who has close to perfect skin, but if you have darker patches, dark circled under your eyes and the occasional bout of acne this wont cut it for you.

A few hours after application I checked myself in the mirror and found that my skin was super oily and shiny so I applied powder, a couple of hours later the same thing happened again

This super shiny, gross feeling has only ever happened with one other product – you guessed it.. some-kinda-gorgeous.

Im starting to think that this product is some sort of watered down version of the super greasy mess that I have refused to touch since I bought it.

Ive only worn this twice for a full day, In going to keep trying it as I really want to like it and also because I spent good money on it and need to use it up. Im hoping that with the right primer and powder this will work for me.

Those who regularly read the blog
Will know how much I hate giving bad reviews of things and often try and come up with at least a few good things to
Say but this formula just doesn’t cut it for me. 
Have you tried the much anticipated BB cream from Benefit? Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of it!

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KABOOM! Cosmetics
Reply September 8, 2014

Preach sister! I found I had almost the exact same issues with Big Easy and I was so disappointed. The only thing I found was that it didn't make me as greasy as it did with you, I actually quite liked the finish but the separation and the clinging to dry patches were both awful. And like you, I hate forgiving bad reviews but it definitely didn't work for me either.

Dani | KaBOOM! Cosmetics

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