Mini review Maybelline Express nail polish remover

The challenge … Removing glitter nail polish without scraping and soaking and finding little flecks stuck to your fingernails for days after wards. We’ve all felt the pain of patiently soaking our glitter encrusted nails under cotton balls hoping that they would come out clean and ready for the next mani only to be disappointed

Enter Maybelline Express Removed Nail Polish Remover!  this unassuming little pot promises to remove polish in express time. 
it cant be as easy as just a twist and go.. or can it?

This product is essentially is a plastic container containing a sponge drenched with nail polish remover solution that you put your polished fingers into, twist once or twice and then remove a perfectly clean finger.
before – super sparkly and gorgeous glitter

I have to say that this is really impressive. I popped my index finger into the sponge and twisted it about for about 15 seconds and when I took it out the glitter had lost it’s sheen and started to dislodge 
After putting the glitter encrusted nail in once the glitter loses its sparkle and starts to come off

I put it back in and repeated the process and what came out was a perfectly bare nail. There was no sign of glitter lodged into the cuticle or on the fingers anywhere! Success! 
A second dip takes off the remainder of the polish. So easy and effortless.

Taking off the entire manicure took less than five minutes! 
bare nails in two minutes! Unheard of!

I really recommend this product to those of you who are a regular glitter polish wearers
And those who change manis pretty often. I havnt tried this yet on normal polish but after seeing it’s work on glitter I  can only imagine how effective it will be.
I totally give this product five stars, it’s not often you buy a product that completely delivers on all it’s promises. 
I purchased my Maybelline Express Remover from Priceline for $9.95
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Lisa T
Reply April 7, 2014

i really love that product!! it's so easy to use and i don't have to waste so many cotton pads anymore! great review !

KABOOM! Cosmetics
Reply April 7, 2014

That is so impressive! I've tried these type of removal things before but none have ever worked, so glad I saw your review on this one!

Dani xo

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