Three high end products that are completely worth the money…

….and their drugstore equivalents if you’re saving for something else.

More expensive does not always equal better. We’ve heard it all before and Its been a bit of a theme in my posts lately. I’m so grateful that I’ve been sent a few things to review lately that have really reintroduced me to some amazing drugstore brands in a time when I have become a little obsessed with high end. Brands like Covergirl, Essence and the newly arrived NYX are really providing some excellent products that are almost as good if not as good as their high end counterparts.

We all make choices about which products that we are able to scrimp on and which we will allow ourselves to spend a little more money on. 

Personally, I tend to spend less on lip products such as glosses and lipsticks which change with the season and will splurge a little more on face products such as blushes, powders and foundations.

So here are three high end products that I have purchased and will continue to purchase because they are simply the best that I have found or are worth the money you will spend on them.

1. Bobbi Brown corrector $A40

Those of you who are regular readers will know that I struggle with under eye darkness. Those Italian genes that gave me glossy dark hair have also imparted a lovely purple/grey shadow under my eyes that seem to only get darker as the day goes on.  The Bobbi Brown corrector is incredulously priced. At $40 for under one and half grams means that this is seriously expensive product.  However the good/bad news is that this works better than anything else I have tried (and I’ve tried a few products.. check out my 10 concealer review) It neutralises the darkness and provides a blurring effect to the area under my eyes. When topped with another concealer and some setting powder the darkness is completely covered.

Right, naked skin. And this isn’t at its worse
Left, Using nothing but the corrector. I
wish you could see what a real difference
it makes.
This picture shows my circles with nothing on but the corrector. The difference (as usual) is much more noticeable in real life. When I add some concealer and powder to this the darkness is invisible.
 I will continue to buy this product for as long as I can as it covers like nothing else has. The 1.4 grams lasts me  approximately 4 months with every day use.

Short of dosh? Try the NYX Dark circle concealer, I haven’t used this personally but it was recommended by a friend. At approximately $12 its worth a try.

2. Nars Light Reflecting Set Powder $A55 from Mecca or $US35 online

This is truly a strange product. When I first received it I thought I had been sold either and old product or a dummy as the “powder” in the compact appeared to be a piece of hard white plastic. Once I read reviews online I realised that this seal had to be broken in order to access the product. This powder is light, barely visible on the brush and takes a long time before you hit pan. The powder is basically invisible but does a great job at setting makeup particularly wet concealers like the Bobbi Brown. I like this product because of its lack of “cake” effect. You cant cake up your face with this because it is so finely milled and light.

Short of dosh? Try the Australis Ready Set Go. This is a loose powder which looks like it might be a dupe for the Makeup Forever HD powder. It looks like a loose powder version of the Nars. Available from Priceline for $13

3. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $A55 from Mecca or $US36 online

Smooth… like silk. This product is my every day primer. Its a cult beauty product and a celeb favourite for a reason. IT provides a smooth and even canvas for your makeup. While I don’t think its the best for sticking makeup to your face it is the best at letting it glide on smoothly. The ultra smooth silicone rich formula mattifies slightly and gives the skin a dewy and soft look if worn alone. The only negative of this is the chemical smell that it has. BUt youre only going to smell it for a few seconds each day.

Short of dosh? Try the new NYX Angel Primer. While its one of the more expensive NYX products it does promise to do exactly what the Smashbox does.

We all make different decisions on what we deem as more spendworthy and what we are happy to buy the cheap and cheerful option. THese are products that I just cant do without.

What products do you splurge on?

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Lisa T
Reply March 20, 2014

ive always wanted to try all three of the products, ive herd so much good things! im on my way there just saving the money :) great post !!

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply March 23, 2014

    I hope you love them Lisa. I try so many things and these are the ones that I think.. yep its not a total rip off.

Lace Lovexo
Reply March 21, 2014

I completely agree with the Bobbi Brown! The cream foundation that goes with this is also amazing!!

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