Eyeliner smackdown #2 smokey brown liner


The other day I posted about the differences in quality of stylo or “felt tip” style eyeliner pens.

Today I’d like to show you a great “dupe” that not only matches but might even surpass the quality of a high end product.
Meet these two. Stila smudgestick in the colour damsel and covergirl Ink it in the shade cocoa ink

One retails for $13.95 and the other $32. One is available in some supermarkets and most department stores in most suburbs and the other is available exclusively from Mecca.

Stila Smudgestick $32
This eyeliner is sooo smooth and soft and  is super compact and sleek. The whole pen is a dark chocolate brown and features stila’s signature little stars. The eyeliner is a dream to apply. Smudges nicely and also forms a beautiful dark brown line. The eyeliner is so soft that it breaks quite easily so you need to make sure that the eyeliner is only twisted up the tiniest amount. The “crayon” part of the liner is a little thicker than the covergirl and it is slightly harder to get a thin line. Overall It’s a gorgeous product in a gorgeous shade


Covergirl Ink it $13.95
This product features a strange little plastic sleeve whereby the product comes up in a similar way to a mechanical lead pencil. The sleeve acts like a little guard which protects the crayon and minimizes breakage. The pen is black with a dark brown lid and has minimal printing on it. The crayon is super soft in this also but is ever so slightly harder, but I only noticed this by pressing quite hard with the pencil. The colour is identical to the stila to the naked eye when swatched. Because the crayon is thinner it is easier to make a thin line.

To be honest I can’t even remember which is which in this photo. They really are identical. The difference in softness is really barely noticeable and in reality the harder product is probably better as it is less likely to snap. I actually hate referring to the covergirl as a dupe for the stila because I think it’s a great product in it’s own right.

I can’t tell you which to buy as that is a personal choice but I can’t see myself purchasing the stila pencil (this one came free with my in the light palette) as the covergirl is amazing and at less than half the price is well worth it.
Disclaimer – the covergirl liner was kindly sent to me to review. However all opinions are honest and my own and the pictures really speak for themselves.
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