The follow for follow…

The follow for follow convention that some people follow
(and sometimes request) is  something I
don’t really understand.  I don’t know
about you but I follow the accounts and blogs that I enjoy. I don’t click
follow simply on an agreement that I will get a follower back. I don’t know..
what do you think.
I must admit that liking someones photo on IG is a great way
to get them to take notice of you, I often find new feeds to follow  simply by clicking on the name of someone who
has liked one of my photos.
But to me the #F4F feels like a condition ie “ I will only
like your page if you like it back”  Its
more about a number on a screen that looking at pretty pictures  and following the feeds of people you like.
I must admit that when I first started paying attention to
my stats ( I use statigram) that seeing the list of unfollowers  did sting a little and I had considered
going to those who I was following and unfollowing as well but I didn’t
bother.  It would have taken time that I
could otherwise spend taking photos and browsing through the feeds of people on
my list that are just purely awesome.
Do you partake in the follow for  follow phenomenon or are there any other
social media conventions that you don’t really undersand?
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KABOOM! Cosmetics
Reply March 23, 2014

Amen sister! I follow people who post interesting, well written content, not because they might follow back. If prefer a small but dedicated fan base over a huge following who barely know who I am!

Lipstick 'n' Linguine
Reply March 23, 2014

yeah.. i just dont get it

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