The big big highlighter review

So.. it turns out I like highlighters

I was recently tagged by Lipstick addict to show all my favourite highlighters. I guess you might say that I’m a bit of a highlighter/illuminator afficionado! I have quite a collection of sparkly, shiny and shimmery items in my collection that help me to maintain the illusion of my inner glow!!

Here is a run down of the products I own.

Thebalm Mary -loumanizer

This is one of the most well known and well
loved highlighter or illuminators by beauty bloggers and gurus world wide and
for good reason,  this product is velvet
like in the pan and has a gorgeous champagne glow. Take care because a little
goes a long way and the powder is packed with gorgeous shimmer and sheen. This
is one of my absolute faves.  Another
plus is the gorgeous packaging, it comes in a great sized compact with a
mirror. The fact that this is so shimmery and the pan is so big this will last
a long time, add this the bonus that this product can also be used as an eye
shadow this product deserves a massive A+


High Beam

Benefit have hit the jackpot with this
formula, this gorgeous pink toned  highlighter adds a gorgeous cool shimmer to the
high points on your face, The superfine shimmer particles makes it a little
hard to overdo it and with a bit of blending this product can become seamless. This
was one of my first highlighters and still one of my faves, It seriously never
runs out!!


Benefit Girl Meets Pearl


I use this almost on a daily basis to add
some additional glow to my foundation. 
Apart from thebalm’s product I tend to prefer to more liquid formulas as
I refer the dewey glowing from within type of look.  The shade straight out of the tube is a
pearlescent pink but does blend in to give a pearl (with gold tinge) subtle
look to the skin. Its completely fresh looking and adds a lift to your look.  Notable mention needs to go to the packaging
which is not just pretty but also ingenious at dispensing a good amount of
product. By only criticism is that you cant really determine when you’re about
to run out.


Benefit High Brow Glow

Highlighter in pencil form. This champagne
coloured pencil is designed to be used on the brow but can be used on other
parts on small amounts to give a beautil sheen. 
This tends to budge around a bit so you need to use it sparingly  or else it cake get a little cakey.

Benefit watts up


I tend to forget about this one a little
bit and I shouldn’t  because it’s a great
formula, I like the stick form but find it a little harder to blend than
liquids and find that always seem to over do it a little bit. I usually don’t
bother with the sponge as I use my beauty blender for most things.  The colour is a little more brinzey than the
others and this might be why I tend to not use it as often


Benefit sunbeam


High beam and sunbeam
Gilded glory, this gorgeous gold
highlighter looks amazing on those with darker skina s it literally makes them
glow, I only bought a sample size as I wasn’t sure how it would work and im
kind of glad that I didn’t invest more. This is the darker skinned girl’s
equivalent of high beam. I don’t dislike it but it doesn’t compliment my skin
as much as high beam does

Nars Albatross


This is deceiving in the pan, it looks
quite white but when applied on the skin it gives a subtle gold sheen, this is
my all over high lighter, I will apply this on all the “high points” of my face
including the top of my nose. Again this would look amazing on those with olive
or darker skins as it gives the glow from within. This is less pigmented than
thebalm but this isn’t a criticism as it means that you can be subtle in some
places and build up in others.



Benefit coralista


While this is a blush I sometimes use this
as a highlighter on the top of my cheeks when I have used a matte coral  or light pink blush.   This
coral blush has super shine, almost a gleam to it. Its so pretty on its own or used along side other highlighters and blushes.


Illamasqua bronzing duo in Glint and Writhe

While this is 
technically a bronzer and not a highlighter the lighter colour in this
palette gives a lovely sheen to brow and cheek bones. This is relatively new in
my collection as it was sent to me for my consideration. I like that this is fairly sheer and will give a  really subtle glow.

DO you use highlighters? Are there any ive left off my list that I should try? Let me know!




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Lisa T
Reply March 24, 2014

wow you've got a huge collection here! you should be proud! I want to get my hand on Benefit's Watts Up so bad! l really do find creams better to use than liquid, the High beam by Benefit can be alot to me sometimes in terms of shimmer!

Lace Lovexo
Reply March 24, 2014

I really love the benefit, i dont think you can go wrong with it!
Love how big your collection is!

Rebekah Turner
Reply March 25, 2014

Love the post. I've nominated you for a Liebster award!

Bek xxx

Penny Lane
Reply April 5, 2014

Great post! My all time favourite highlighter is the Mary-Loumanizer, I hardly wear anything else since I got it! Just discovered your blog and it is fantastic!

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