Eyeliner smackdown #1 $$$ vs $

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There are some makeup items that i will pay top dollar for and then others that i tend to fail to see the value of. Foundation for example I don’t mind shelling out on but what about eyeliners? I’ve spent lots of money on these in the past to find that regardless of the price they all eventually dry out and get a bit ratty looking.
So are they worth spending money on or should you save your money and spend it on something else..
Well here is a comparison of three similar products all available at different price points. Ladies I present to you; NARS Eyeliner Stylo, Kit Cosmetics Felt Tip Liner and Essence Stays No Matter What waterproof eyeliner pen


The nibs of the three products are almost identical, there are some differences in the packaging but the results in the intensity of line and blackness of the “ink” are what sets these all apart
NARS Eyeliner Stylo $44
This is obviously the cream of the crop price wise and is the super luxury item in the pack. The packaging is slim and sleek and the nib is good and sturdy. This is the dryest of the three and you need to press the hardest to get a thick solid line. The line however is lovely and black and dries quickly to set and be relatively budge proof. This is a nice liner if you have the money to spend.
Kit Cosmetics Felt Tip Liner $21.95
This mid stream liner is the slimmest of the three and again the packaging is nice. I like that this pen has a nice little grip pad that makes it slip proof. Again the nib is good and quite sturdy. I find that the formula of this one is more watery and not as black as the others it also leaked slightly onto the lid.
Essence Stays Put No Matter What $2.47
Wait? What? $2.47? Yes. $2.47 and it’s waterproof! Infact it’s supposed to stay put for 24 hours. It does specify that it is not for contact lenses so that is a factor. Again the nib is good and the formula of this one is super glossy. This one makes a super black line easily and seems to have tiny fleck of micro glitter in it but this is barely visible unless you look really really close. The nib is almost identical to the kit one (slightly SLIGHTLY different to the nars one) but… $2.47!!!
So the results? Well check out the photo below.


 In my opinion not only is the Essence liner the most economic but it actually is the superior liner. Don’t get me wrong. I adore nars.. And it’s a nice eyeliner.. But it’s no where near as easy to get a smooth black line with this marker as it is dryer and thus needs to be used with more pressure and is more likely to drag and pull.  The kit liner falls a bit short in colour and has that bluish grey tinge that I have always associated with cheaper liners.
So what do you think? Which one would you buy?
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