Review – Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer

 Last week I went on a little hunt during late night shopping on a Thursday night for the perfect coral lip colour. Imagine my surprise when on Friday received a package from Cotypr Australia with a couple of the much blogged about lip lacquers “Apocalips” in the shades Luna and Solstice. Luna totally falls into the category of a coral/orange! What a coincidence! Hooray!


As I mentioned I had seen soooooo much published about this product since its release last July and the bloggers/vloggers really seemed to dig this product so I was pretty stoked to have the opportunity to try them out. They aren’t quite a lipstick, not a gloss or a glaze but a punchy “lacquer” that promises long lasting colour and moisture.

First Impressions…

My first impressions of these products were about the packaging. the tubes of lacquer are compact enough to throw into your bag and seem to be pretty sturdy and leak proof.  I really liked the facetted design of the lid as they added a point of difference.

Neither of the colours I was sent would be something that I would normally pick up along my travels as I usually go for brighter pink or red shades.

Luna is a bright peachy orange in the tube which looks a little scary at first. Solstice can best be described as a dusty pink colour with micro silver particles which  make it have a nice silvery sheen in the tube. I am really interested to see if this colour comes off as a dusty pink on the lips or as a nude shade.

In addition to the shades I was sent I subsequently bought another Apocalips in the shade Apocaliptic which is more like the colours of gloss that I tend to stick to. I had already played with them and knew I liked the formula but wanted to have a colour that I would be able to easily compare to others in my collection.

The final verdict …

These apply like a lipgloss with a typical felt doe foot wand that picks up a fair amount of product. I tended to need to dip the wand in the tube twice for each of the colours.

Clockwise; Luna, Solstice and Apocaliptic.

The formula is rich and glossy with tonnes of pigment to make lips really a statement, especially the shades Apocaliptic and Luna. Solstice was a little more subdued and would make a perfect accompaniment to a nice smokey eye.

What I liked about these is that you could control the intensity of colour very easily by just applying a little more or less to suit your preferences.

I also liked that these did not dry out the lip but seemed to moisturise them like a balm  over the course of the day.

The wear on these were pretty good. I got a good 4 hours of perfect wear on these and when I got home from work I still had some faint colour on my lips

I found that the shades tended to bleed slightly on my lips the first time I wore them and so subsequently wore them with some lip liner in a similar shade which completely solved the problem.

I ended up being really surprised at how lovely Solstice was on the lips and it ended up being my favourite shade on the lips despite it being my least favourite in the tube


These are pretty widely available, I’ve seen them in Priceline, Target, Woolies and Big W (which is where I bought Apocaliptic)  They’re at a pretty affordable price point at just under $16 which is great because you’re probably going to want to pick up a few. They were released in 8 colours last year but I’m fairly sure I have seen more than 8 shades available

Would I repurchase/ recommend these?

Definitely, I was so impressed with the look and formula that I went out and bought one in a brighter colour the next day! It will be interesting to see how many more shades become available in this line.

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